Did you know that ...

group znuz is group znees ? …. er, well maybe not yet laugh.


  1. znuz
  2. znees


Seth says
dA 2016-01-17 08:49:14 [item 19688#42383]
Nope. Did not know they were the same thing.
well actually not here yet … this is one of CFR’s jokes … look up znuz and it says see znese … look up znese and it says see znuz. 

Seth says
Mark 2016-01-17 08:57:38 [item 19688#42388]
can’t miss it on the cover of v.3 http://www.fastblogit.com/item/3371  (note the spellings)
Mark 2016-01-17 08:58:38 [item 19688#42389]
btw there is no group znees

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