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for the record this is what it removed on my mac mini

and from my mac air laptop …


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Holmes says

Holmes says
seth 2016-02-01 11:50:24 [item 19823#44181]
yesterday evening the cursor on all screens started jumping around selecting every gadget on any screen.  it was was eunuseable as such.  i reset several times and did a extended hardware diagnostic, which did not find any problem … however if i let the computer sit and rebooted it was ok for several minutes and then manifested again.  so i let it sit turned off overnight.  this morning everything was working fine for several hours … but i did not visit .   finally i had to retrieve orders so i went to on our server and that program worked, however it added some malware hyperlinks to the resultant page.  

hopefully this malware has now been removed … but i still suspect that our server itself is the source of infection.
I have no idea about speaktome. I went over all the code at fbi and it is clean. They are totally different domains and have no cross traffic I have ever seen and I see all the traffic often because I am always using the debug console during development.

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