hmm ... ? ... ?

hmmm …→右∫≻2

so emoji in titles are not stable →→ ?

Why are they stable here?  ?

← shows ?in browser title bar ?

← but not here

← they look ok in the ATOM feed


Holmes says
I might be able to fix that. Will have to check into it. It’s appearing okay in the news.

Seth says
seth 2016-02-11 06:53:34 [item 19922#45173]
but strangely enought they look ok in the atom feed
must be just the way they are displayed here

Seth says
dA 2016-02-11 06:48:04 [item 19922#45171]
Actually there are lots of issues with titles. Weird shit being done because they can come from other websites via about’s and other stuff to compensate for all kinds of issues. The whole area of titles needs a full makover. Don’t think I will hack on it more right now.
seth 2016-02-11 06:52:22 [item 19922#45172]
yeah i don’t think special characters … what are these called? … are allowed in titles in many places … something about them not goingh through XML … or maybe RSS don’t like them
dA 2016-02-11 06:54:38 [item 19922#45175]
Yep. That’s part of it. But much has changed this last year. Need to bring all the code dealing with titles up to the same current and modern spec. A project for some other bottle of Rum, not this one. ?

Seth says
dA 2016-02-11 07:01:55 [item 19922#45177]
I love that I can now graffiti all over Marks shit though.
His ability to attract things he things about is fucking fantastic!
If he would only use it to attract what he wants ...… pondering ?
seth 2016-02-11 07:12:07 [item 19922#45179]
you assue that is not what he wants ?
dA 2016-02-11 07:13:26 [item 19922#45180]
Well, obviously it is, because it is what happens, and that is by his design.
But it is clear that his conscious idea of what he want’s is not always in sync with what he creates. ?
seth 2016-02-11 07:19:11 [item 19922#45181]
i have no idea ?
these guys are just a bit too small for my eyes on the laptop this morning pondering … to actually get the emotion