Need to combine doman and fastblogit

Now that the group aliasing is available I need to combine the domain group and the fastblogit group.
This is because there are screens in it, such as the sign up screen, that must proliferate.
It can be named fastblogit at FBI, but it must be group 2, that’s all.

This is as we talked about. It is okay to combine domain and fastblogit as long as the name can be what you want. What can’t be combined is administrators and either of the other two.

So anyway, I will be working on that so don’t touch either group this morning.


Seth says

Holmes says
seth of group seth 2016-02-25 10:11:26 [item 20143#46806]
How do I hide thoughts in group fastblogit from people?  Do i just mark them private?   
Yes. It is a normal group. Private and draft apply normally. Only you and I are group members I believe.

Holmes says
And it’s ready. You can play in it now. I left stuff that was not clear to move back in group fastblogit-old, mostly drafts or back room, but you can move or put or structure it any way you want. The sign up thought is being used by the system from the sign up menu via it’s thought ID being the the domain quad settings … otherwise it’s a normal group.