Graph API PUT Commands

/put/ api calls require a session token. You can get your session token using /get/token.
Simply add the token to the url as a name value pair in the query string.
example: /put/thoughts/delete?group=fbi&tag=junk<span class="marker">&token=9999</span>
The documentation below does not show the additional token for brevity. Your token is required in any API call beginning with /put/.

group / <group> / password ? value=<password>
right-change-password | right-edit-scripts
example: /put/group/fbi/password?value=abc

group / <gid> / delete
example: /put/group/40/delete
Note: by gid only, names not accepted. All groups, thoughts, comments,
and taggings are deleted for that gid.

group / <gid> / permanence ? value=<permanent-name>
example: /put/group/40/permanence?
note: once a group permanence name is set it should not be changed

group / thoughts / delete ? id=<id>
group / thoughts / delete ? group=<group> & user=<uid>
group / thoughts / delete ? group=<group> & profile=<group> **

group / thoughts / delete ? group=<group> & tag=<tag>
example: /thoughts/delete?group=fbi&tag=nomore
delete thoughts by id or various conditions in a group

group / thoughts / delete ? group=<from-group> & all=true
to delete all thoughts in a group requires special administrator level rights

group / thoughts / relocate / <to-group> ? id=<id>
group / thoughts / relocate / <to-group> ? group=<from-group> & user=<uid>
group / thoughts / relocate / <to-group> ? group=<from-group> & profile=<group> **

group / thoughts / relocate / <to-group> ? group=<from-group> & tag=<tag>
example: /thoughts/relocate/seth?group=fbi&profile=seth
relocate thoughts by id or various conditions in a group

group / thoughts / relocate / <to-group> ? group=<from-group> & all=true
to move all thoughts in a group requires special administrator level rights

group / tags / delete ? group=<group> & tag=<tag>
group / tags / delete ? group=<group> & user=<uid>
group / tags / delete ? group=<group> & profile=<group> **

example: /group/tags/delete?group=fbi&tag=bugs
delete tags by tag or various conditions in a group

domain / tags / delete ? tag=<tag>
→ variations for deleting by user in the domain under development
to delete all tags in the domain requires special administrator level rights

domain / thought / reassign ? id=<id> & user=<uid>
domain / thought / reassign ? id=<id> & profile=<group> **
right-change-self | right-edit-scripts

domain / user / changepassword ? uid=<id> & password=<pwd> & password-now=<pwd> & password-again=<pwd>
right-edit-scripts | self

domain / flotsam / delete

domain / self / resetnotify
resets the notification time to NOW for the current user

** Using the profile group name as a shortcut for the user id is a handy alternative so that you don’t have to look up the uid. But, it tends to make the api line read a little confusing so take care when you choose what goes where. A profile group name is an alternative for a user id, not a group you are moving things from or to or choosing things in. The user id should always be used in system and plugin code, not the profile group.

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Seth says
what would the put be to post a new thought?

… to post a comment on a thought?

Si says
Poe of group da 2016-03-02 07:58:27 [item 20221#47574]
Don’t have those. They are possible, but not practical from a url except to create a blank thought with a title. There is no way to include a bunch of html content in a url. It would require a POST (from a form submit for instance) … and that will be supported eventually.
seth 2016-03-02 08:00:44 [item 20221#47576]

I had to do an .htaccess tweak to make it work (issue with how missing.php was being done of old) and now the put api accepts POST's.

Hence if there were a <form> that posted to an api url it would accept the content as long as all the correct variables were given in the form (token etc).

I don't actually use this with <form>'s even though it would work fine, it is simply used by AJAX as needed to submit large blocks of text and data.

We have a simple myApi() javascript function in the client that auto handles the token and allows performing ANY api command and delegating the result to an asynchronus callback. It will be the workhorse for future atomization and is now available to plugins making it super simple to write api based features.

The combo of

   the myFbi JSON object
   and that jQuery is loaded and ready

… make writing plugins a serious piece of cake now!

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