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The thrust of this project was (is?) to give people control of their own identity by allowing them to write their own profile which would be available via API to other services.   To make this happen people would substantially need to host their own document … but services to do that for them started happening. 

I’m trying to ascertain the status of this project.

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inprocess research out loud …. 
FOAF (from "friend of a friend") is an RDF based schema to describe persons and their social network in a semantic way. FOAF could get used within many wikis for annotating user pages, or describing articles about people. In Semantic MediaWiki, FOAF annotations can be used as imported vocabulary. wiki

{  seeAlso  foafsearch foaf,  “My Foaf”,  google foaf  }  ← an embedded quad

here is a mentograph of my foaf document, which is no longer hosted anywhere  ...


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Holmes says
Truly disturbing and creepy. Gonna need another Privacy option on the personal profile for this one right?

Holmes says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 08:26:48 [item 20334#48309]
Seems more like giving away control of your identity than getting control over it. Once your identity is in the system, anyone can control it, and the representation of you. Better to never do things like this me thinks. Shades of 666 and The Borg here.

Image result for borg
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 08:36:42 [item 20334#48310]
not so.   the right to change the document is 100% in control of the person.  that was the whole point of the project.  also the right to read the document was in control of the person.  the people doing this were keenly aware of identity and its use on the web … they didnt like the way every different website were imposing  versions of a person’s identity on them.   the intent was to hand that control back to the individual.

I got involved with the project from it’s original inception … and have kind of followed and tested it since … but haven’t looked at its progress for a while. 
All “the right to change the document is 100% in control of the person” really means is that the right to change the information is not under the control of a non programmer (average person). Seriously, even if this system was implemented with bank transactional security, and I am sure it is not even close to that, hackers have often hacked the banks.

This way of doing things simply hands your entire identity over to those who can change it, or pay to have it changed, and then you are locked out until you can plead your case if you ever can. It’s the ultimate giving away of your identity and power to “the system”.

Seth says
a response from facebook already
Timothy Holborn It's now solid mostly. So, Or Re: foaf, is being used a fair bit nowadays. Not sure how much thinking has been put into decentralised ontology support...

Seth says
IamI of group mark 2016-03-07 10:25:40 [item 20334#48335]
Drudge headline on Trump Shakes World Order laughing thumbs up
i don’t want this thought to meander over to current political matters. 

this thread is closed  indecision

Mark de LA says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 10:41:38 [item 20334#48340]
You could just take the hint Seth. When a thought is not founded in our common core state of beingness, it naturally de-rails. Thoughts that ARE on track, stay on track. I didn’t intentionally do anything. You can look at many thoughts that got de-railed this way and see the same thing. It’s a natural outgrowth of LOA at work keeping vibrational states matched by like attracting like.
& dislike attracting dislike … guaranteeing forking thumbs up Darwin & the Tao Rules! laughing

Seth says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 10:37:29 [item 20334#48338]

“European diplomats are constantly asking about Trump's rise with disbelief and, now, growing panic," said a senior NATO official, speaking on condition of anonymity.”

What did I say a day or two ago? That now is the right timing for the existing system to fall apart and Trump may play key part in that?

Well stay tuned and “you heard it here first”

Don’t worry though. People on the LOA and other similar leading edges are posed and vibrationally ready to step in and take the wheel at exactly the moment the vehicle starts to head over the cliff. It’s just fun to see it all happen!  

Seth says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 09:31:16 [item 20334#48322]
LOL … and so assimilation begins. Resistance is futile.

Sorry, there are many things you can get me on board for … but not stuff like this. You’ll need a different developer to create borg cubes for you. devil
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 09:46:53 [item 20334#48328]
i really do not understand why you have associated this with borg.   it is almost the opposite thing. 

strange … so very strange surprise

please note the thrust of search decentralized in this foaf project.  
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 10:02:24 [item 20334#48331]
Yes, it seems that way to those who are looking at it as a solution to a common problem. But when you examine the actual components and the tendencies of real people and what they do, on both sides of this issue, then a different picture emerges.

For instance, on a related but different issue, could you have predicted the liberties that have been taken away by the national security acts back in the 70’s? It would have been unthinkable that such could happen in America with our constitution at that time. But now it has, and those like Trump publicly say they would implement much more. And whatever the gov can do, anyone with money can do too.

The more a person has an established identity as a fact, then the more they have to loose and the more others have as leverage. And when that identity is established online in such a hard wired manner, then everything you are is tied to it. Banks and many agencies will start using it defacto. It will become the ultimate material world power over who you are, and what you will be allowed to do.

seth of group seth 2016-03-07 10:19:08 [item 20334#48334]
ok i understand where you are coming from.   however ….

That entities will fight each other trying to  control and restrict each other’s freedom is a predicament that is not going to go away.   But to use that fear to justify a person asserting their own idenentity and being their authentic self is cutting off our nose to spite our face,  or to use a common meme of the day used in this context:  throwing the baby out with the bath water.  

Eolution here is on our side … humanity is progressing to greater and greater personal freedom.  That the other force is also working is kind of a matter of which side you want to stand on.  Are you afraid of central governments taking away your ability to be yourself?  Me not!  Give me liberty or give me death!
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 10:27:34 [item 20334#48336]
I’m not afraid of it at all personally. For myself, I know that I create my reality and I can change it anytime I am willing to step up and do the work on my own beliefs that are manifesting anything in particular in front of me.

But that does not mean that I want to participate in creating a situation like this. I don’t really see any big advantage in it other than allowing people to be more lazy. I want to create things that wake people up and get them thinking an doing on their own and actively participating in the creation of their own reality. Things that let people be lazy with the details of their own identity don’t do that. Those kinds of things tend to be a slip and slide for average people to get trapped in boxes doing the will of others and then waking up someday and wondering where their life went.
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 10:41:32 [item 20334#48339]
well i don’t get that this project intended to “let people be lazy with the details of their own identity” … in fact their stated intention was quite the opposite.

for example:

you have setup the profile here by a developer (and maybe even latter a wizzard) establishing the assertions that go into a person’s personal profile.  that is supporting the proposition that a person can be lazy with the details of their own identity.  

Personally i would rather see a “+” gadget on the profile where a person could add whatever pairs to her identity that she wishes.   I want to totally control my identity … i do not want to be lazy about it … i want to say maybe something like

     { old blogspot profile :  Bozo Faust } ← a true embedded quad

and when i go over there and click edit this is the kind of abilities that i get …

this thread is the focus of this thought  … most of the others threads here are a distraction from that focus

Seth says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 10:41:38 [item 20334#48340]
You could just take the hint Seth. When a thought is not founded in our common core state of beingness, it naturally de-rails. Thoughts that ARE on track, stay on track. I didn’t intentionally do anything. You can look at many thoughts that got de-railed this way and see the same thing. It’s a natural outgrowth of LOA at work keeping vibrational states matched by like attracting like.
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 10:50:15 [item 20334#48342]
yep thoughts get derailed.   focus is the act of trying to not allow them to get derailed.  it is intentionally going were i want to go.   it is a personal freedom that i do have.   others can join me in that focus, or not just as they choose.   i’m moving this one to my own group. 
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 10:54:58 [item 20334#48345]
Yes. We are all completely free to go anywhere we choose. I’m not disputing that.

We can always tell the nature of where we are choosing to go too. When focus is difficult, it is telling us something about the nature of where we are going. It is always our choice.
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 11:07:18 [item 20334#48347]
well me, i do not choose to interpert difficulty as a signal to go in another direction.   sometimes i swim up stream where nobody else has been … sometimes i go with the flow … like breathing in and breathing out it is to me.
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 11:20:36 [item 20334#48349]
I would agree with “the flow” … it’s your own flow I am talking about though. Doing things others think is hard is not the same as moving against the stream of your own inner guidance and excitement. It takes practice to tell the difference though. Conventional thinking does not venture into this area at all so we are not trained how to tell these things by our experience, we can feel them though.
?  … and btw, i also was talking about my own flow.   … but there are many flows in the naked city.  turbulent it is.   swimming in that turbulence and even finding it going in an exciting way … is what i do.

Seth says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 10:46:01 [item 20334#48341]
In other words, our verse provided a brilliant demonstration of what FOAF is really like. Not what it claims to be. It cannot help but attract this kind of vibrational pattern. It is the nature of it.
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 11:03:04 [item 20334#48346]
well consequences of the  FOAF project , may or may not be happening.   The active dialogued i started this morning on Facebook seem to imply that it is still alive and kicking.  But I still do not know what thinking domains can use from it … finding that out is the intention of this thought. 

That asserting one’s authentic identity draws attacks and RWG and disintegration … well well well … me thinks that is what we make not happen just with the very force of our own beings cooperatively …. or not … your choice. 
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 11:27:15 [item 20334#48351]
Yes. I choose not. The FOAF vibration is all wrong. I don’t believe in evil and hell and a devil the way Mark talks about them. But I do believe people can get trapped in their own personal version of hell that starts out as a lazy and/or materialistic belief structure … and I see the signs of that hovering around FOAF. I guess in olden times that would have been called demons I see hovering … LOL … and I just have a different way of tagging now. But oh well, I see what I see whatever you want to call it. devil
well for that to be useful over here you would need to be specific.   i do not see these demons.   rather i see the opposite ones.  FOAF was  all about personal freedom.   that is not the evil vibration you have hallucinated here. 

maybe go rubb your demons in the active Facebook dialogue with people who are actually working on it. 

me, i don’t think you really know what this is all about. 

Holmes says
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 11:37:25 [item 20334#48353]
If you were selling servitude, would you sell it under that brand name? No, of course not. You would sell it as freedom and attract as many freedom fighters into your cause as you could … then slowly reel them in and close the doors, forever …

But one can always smell such things … this has that smell.
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 11:48:30 [item 20334#48354]
well  to be a bit more specific here ….

i still think that FOAF has not taken off … notwistanding that others on facebook may disagree.  Rather the centeralizing forces of Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have build the social web we have today and are corralling people into their domains.  That is what has been happening since i started this project back in 2004.   Me, i think that is the evil … not the other path of decentralizing and allowing people to establish their own identity and assert their own being as they create it. 
tuvak of group da 2016-03-07 12:19:36 [item 20334#48361]
I would be on board with the big guys also being of that bent, sure. The good thing about the big guys right now is that they all want to do it their own way, so there is no centralized way of doing it, and that is what saves us. Any centralized way is wrong, that is where the problem lies. We are fortunate that there are big other players that are trying to monopolize it their way … it’s what is keeping us free. Once any system becomes the standard, we have lost, we are borg.

Really, we don’t need this. It is not hard do things right now. It would only be a slight bit easier with something like FOAF, but that slight bit funneling into one centralized identity system is all that is needed to woo average people to their doom … like the pied piper of the cloud.
seth of group seth 2016-03-07 15:14:54 [item 20334#48389]
Bear in mind that we are talking about evolving a language used to describe persons … and the more natural we let it evolve, the faster it will evolve to be useful.     We are not talking about exercising central control of people and their profiles.   That would be more like what you are doing.

But your are right … the fact that the big players all want to do their own thing works directly against that language developing.   

Btw, i am not lobbying for adopting the FOAF vocabulary … to me it seem a bit nerdy.   Thing is, however, whatever we evolve to can almost certainly be translated into those words. 

Well once you have a standard way of storing data, even if it is not FOAF, it will inevitably lead to a standard place to store everyone's data. The fact that we have several standards helps prevent centralization.

It's not just random that these things could have been done a long time ago but still are not. It is part of what is keeping the blance until people can eveolve beyond the need for central borg-like control. It is so easy to do something like FOAF … if it was something that was of real value to humanity, it would have been done long ago. When something obvious and easy doesn't get done … it's a good indicator to look beyond the short range issues and see what the larger picture paints.

Seth says
Seth 2016-03-14 12:41:28 [item 20334#49372]

← this is misleading

see where it was actual shared

so me and SiriTD wiggeled wrong blush

dA 2016-03-14 12:45:13 [item 20334#49373]
Huh? That says “March 7th”. We didn’t even have FB app to count that with on March 7th.
Not sure what your saying.
Seth 2016-03-14 12:51:04 [item 20334#49374]
i’m saying that to make the counts count actual facebook likes that correpond to this thought … i would have had to made this thought first, and then shared it on facebook … then, me thinks it should have been accurate … even with the counts not being shown here unill just today.
dA 2016-03-14 12:54:25 [item 20334#49376]
Well, I don’t think it ‘s that smart. All counts that end up associated to the FBI app start at zero when the app is created. Which was yesterday. From now on, things that anyone likes anywhere that the FB guru thinks is associated to a page here will likely count. Even if on another website entirely.

But I don’t know all the rules the guru uses.
… hmmm … well that would be wiggy … but you may be right … who knows …. stranger designs have happened.

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