Scooby snack for Seth

Just for you

Profile now has a beautifully proportioned and positioned done button on the bottom. This kills two of the birds you set free with one stone.

  1. Closes the profile, anytime, anywhere (quoting from Real Steel of course)
  2. Makes believe you actually did something so that you can have confidence your changes are saved.

(sorry about killing your birds)

proudly scribed using markdown?


Seth says
surprise … omg … i love you killing me birds heartheart

Seth says
Tristin 2016-03-12 10:00:11 [item 20450#49081]
The nice thing is, we got you covered even if you are on a little computer and didn’t scroll all the way down and find the done button.

… and if you think you can get away with writing something and not having it change? Well, experience is the best teacher! Better not to loose changes than to get caught with your pants down a time or two. blush

Seth says
seth 2016-03-12 10:31:19 [item 20450#49090]
i am getting ready to go out on my Saturday date with my gf … is there any other technical matter that i am holding up your progress on that i can clear up? …. otherwise i’ll check back later this evening.
nathan 2016-03-12 10:37:27 [item 20450#49091]
Yep. Your fly is unzipped.  
woopse laughing