Political Parties & Voterless Primaries

20807 still in draft may be the solution to political parties. I think that maybe some of the hoi polloi 20808 may realize that the tenets of voting & a democracy are well in decay these days. Representation fidelity – a republic depends a lot on – disappears when who represents a collection of individuals is not transparent. A majority today do not know who their electors are  I think the two major parties are now choosing the candidates expecting the usual 2-party system to prevail & each side can hold it’s nose while the games are played & the circus rides into each town & state. Do we have to accept this?
Does it have to be that way? Have the parties abandoned the electorate for just winning the spoils?
Suppose the electorate ignored both parties & wrote their own ballot (write ins etc.).  
O, the games! 
The memes to make such successful would have to anger those who are moneyed & partisans to switch to the direction of democracy in a republic.  Fat Chance.  Just Dreaming?
BTW one might also consider that the Electoral College is also structured similarly. 


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Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-18 05:44:45 [item 20815#51296]
hmmm ...
See also 20783 on New Age Voting & Liquid Democracy – it explains rather clearly the representative democracy thingy. thumbs up

Mark de LA says
The same representation or hierarchy problem exists in large corporations where the uppermost management is remote from those assigned to produce products & do the actual work of the organization. When I worked for one I noticed that the levels of management responsible for the previous failure requiring restructuring usually got retained wile groups & divisions were layed off . 

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