overpopulation - the root cause of our problems - why is it a taboo topic?

my comment on  Laura Sweeny’s post

I don’t think scarce resources  really are a problem for  “over population”  – because resources always end up balancing themselves – one way or another  – and adapting is what humans do best.   So running out of whatever resource is not really something to be feared.

Rather a philosophical and political predicament emerges with more and more people – combined with the technology of wider and wider interactions between them.   The relationship of each individual to the collective whole of society will be radically different than it has been during our prior evolution.   Adapting to that predicament is, me thinks, the primary situation that confronts us. 

seth russell


Seth says
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-23 12:30:59 [item 20844#51457]
I liked somebody’s reference to the TED talks of Hans Rosling 
yes yeah pretty much as i expected … supporting my opinion that “scarce resources are really not going to be a problem in the future. 

closing up the coffee shop here …. listened to the whole TED talk … moving on.