A swing to the objective ...

… others are swinging to the subjective. 

Perhaps some memes are in order ...


It is a personal choice where we place our value … inside ourselves, or outside ourselves.   The thrust of new age spiritual advise,  suggests we should place it inside.  Yet each of us are quite free to choose one or the other.    A long time ago, i made my choice,  quite consciously and quite intentionally – every time i revisit that choice i still feel it is true. 



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Katya says
hi Seth. i think we can consciously set our intentions, but also things pressure me to change. i might be mostly learning more about my self and whether i exist or not as a self, like i could be in school. and then the environment may wake me up to an alertness whereby i switch my focus to whats outside of my self. it seems like its changing all the time, i don't know. just thinking about it. thanks

Seth says
hi katya,  i don’t get many comments here, so i cherish them, because they are from outside me.   Welcome to my story.    Me, i cannot doubt what i experience, so i would say i cannot doubt myself, i exist.  You, however are other to me … i don’t know what you experience … i cannot know, unless you honestly tell me.  Inside here i am King … i can make it up … believe i am in control … but then the world wakes me up … suddenly it changes … i can make it sweet … i can make it sour.  I love other ingredients … i hope you stick around. 

Si says
I swing to the objective. My experience of what happens is completely what is outside myself. I know that all of it, every atom, is created within the energy field of my being … but at the same time, it is the outside. This is not a paradox, it is simple experience. The same as anyone has. I know that what is out there objectively will become what I first think about inside. But that does not change it’s objective nature, only describes the process by which it happens. 

Seth says

yep for me be ing is do ing smug .  i go with what happens. 

I do grock the distinction you are drawing for yourself … conceptually as least … i have even looked for it in my experience.  But for me it remains your story, subjective as it is to you and those who claim to experience it too.  To me it is like watching a good movie on the SciFi channel … i love it heart,  i do … but i am but a voyeur in that land of otherness to me.

seth in repsonse to mark in this thread

Mark de LA says
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-27 13:32:04 [item 20853#51569]
So how what do you make of the distinction fuck ing as distinct from fucking. laughing or shit ing from shitting? 
Seth 2016-04-27 14:01:32 [item 20853#51571]
i don’t make any distinction there.   i just like the syntactic look of writing them as two words rather than one.  it emphasizes a peculiar quality of what the words refer to.  and when i separate them, it is that peculiar quality of those actions to which i refer. 
i.e. bullshit.

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