Cause & Effects in the Multiverse

You can believe & tell a story any way you like as long as there are no effects or consequences outside your perceptive domain or anyone else’s that you communicate with.  Any story will do. Dark Energy & Dark matter are currently prime cosmology trending examples. LOA could be another although it overlaps NLP & trance induction. A Universe  which only extends to the limits of your telescopes & the electro-magnetic spectrum & senses which is all your own is great. Once it touches others it seems to bounce back upon the originator’s senses & instruments; i.e. could run into contradictions – a good believer can whisk those away too!  Write good stories & become them. You already did!
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Seth says
Seth 2016-05-12 13:38:16 [item 20920#51978]
The presumption in your first sentence that one can not (or is it should not?) tell a story that effects others outside of their “preceptive domain” contradicts my experience.  The stories we tell each other actually do effect each other, not just ourselves.   For example Trump’s story, still in the telling, is the most dramatic that comes to mind.  But on a smaller scale every person’s life that i even have known in depth has told me a story … which story has become part of the Kontext of my being.  The stories my be somewhat arbitrarily chosen by the particular individuals involved, …  the effect of those stories on each other is not arbitrary in the same sense … and is not a effect to be rationalized away.  Stories have a cause effect withing our Kontexts … withing our verses … and withing the universe that we share.
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-12 13:42:33 [item 20920#51979]
Backup – your first sentence is in error – that’s your presumption.  Basically I am saying that in isolation you can tell yourself anything you want. In connection you can do the same as long as it is outside the experience of another. laughing
Seth 2016-05-12 13:54:44 [item 20920#51981]
ok, fair enough … that works for me too.   it is however, interesting to note, that the effect of our stores on each other can happen whether the sories are told to ourselves in private or voiced publically … else our stories do not affect our feelings and actions which do effect each other.   are they really quite so arbritrallially associated to what actually happens as to be quite so irrelivant?
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-12 14:09:31 [item 20920#51982]
A prime contrary example is you do not know what another is thinking – specifically. So you can tell yourself or others any story about what I am thinking & as long as nobody else does you are home free to tell any story.  Politics is another prime example of that. 
Seth 2016-05-12 14:32:17 [item 20920#51983]
yep … no disagreement here …. lots of examples of a person telling themselves (and even others) any story and then believeing that story.   in a sense … and this may be new to you, i don’t know … for almost any story (which somewhat respects what is possible) there is a mind set (a Kontext) from  which that story can be understood as matching experience.  Woo Woo smug as they say!
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-12 14:39:14 [item 20920#51984]
Yep, in the vernacular “there is a sucker born every minute” . laughing
that actually was not my take-away conclusion from my thought.  rather my thought tells of the nature of the relationsip between thought and what happens.  it goes to exemplify that what happens undertermines that which can be thought about it … see "All stories obtain”.  in other words there is no 1-to-1 match between thought and what happens … there can never be … that is not the nature of this spirit. 

you went right to judging the story, presuming that the story should  ideally match what happens 1-1.   try giving up that presumption and notice how your attitude toward thinking changes.   me, i like “better and better” as the matching relationship of {thinking ← → happens}.  but  what determines the better and better … better in relationship to what? ← i believe that is always subjective … iow, reading from the tetrahedron model,  the match is inside  the tetrahedron – not outside it … though we can put it outside when we learn to share spirit in common. 

Seth says
that can be said differently.   what i think should excite and create what i do.   that is different relationship between thiking and what happens than the traditional relationship that you perhaps judge it shoul be ← namely that thinking should represent what happens on a 1 to 1 basis.

Mark de LA says
For clarity, I would prefer that “what happens” morph into “what I do & what someone else does” –→ having a personal relationship to your body, life & what you do sounds more engaged than “what happens” or “shit happens”.   Second of all I am beginning to hate the use of arrows for p;unctuation ← ? → ♦⇔►
You might also consider wisdom versus thought. 
It is probably N that thinks there is a 1-1 correspondence between thought (more likely feelings) & events, deeds etc. Happen sounds passive; like being a victim of life rather than actively determining the course of one’s life dynamically correcting as needed or surprised by your results. Bio & story is what you make of it.  A sucker is born every minute was my comment to wise-up people who believe that stories are true & totally related to that which IS!
I might appreciate your point of view more with less abstract words if you got to the point more quickly as to what you want to say.

Mark de LA says

happen (v.) Look up happen at
late 14c., happenen, "to come to pass, occur, come about, be the case," literally "occur by hap, have the (good or bad) fortune (to do, be, etc.);" extension (with verb-formative -n) of the more common hap (v.). Old English used gelimpan, gesceon, and Middle English also had befall. In Middle English fel it hap meant "it happened." Related: Happened; happening. Phrase happens to be as an assertive way to say "is" is from 1707.

Mark de LA says
There you go N – cool

Si says
nathan 2016-05-21 16:00:44 [item 20920#52239]
Write good stories and become (or live) them?

Okay, sounds good to me. Done!