Cartoon for the Greater Good Motto

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The so-called greater good in reality


Seth says
Seth 2016-06-08 08:27:25 [item 20999#52684]
The actual existence of “what we are together” is well known and experienced by all of us.  Those who doubt or mock it can only do so by breaking the rules of logic itself.  Feeling and acting in synergy with “what we are together” is another matter entirely … there are no rules there that we must follow … er, except perhaps the golden one.  Nevertheless it is hard to feel and do “what we are together” proportional to what we are alone.  Yet that  is one of the high arts of living itself … and something that i would love actually to happen.
Mark de LA 2016-06-08 08:53:05 [item 20999#52685]
Thanks for the RWG – I new you could do it! thumbs up
Seth 2016-06-08 09:25:38 [item 20999#52688]
… which of course is a check mate …  a point from which there we cannot advance.   the question is what got check mated … what got stopped ?  
Mark de LA 2016-06-08 10:07:49 [item 20999#52694]
None of that – which is mostly the point – like the pink rabbit it just keeps going & going ….
i have no idea what you are saying … except of course continuing the checkmate.

but that is not new information, we already know that something has checkmated anything that we can be together in this particular context. 

perhaps the chekmate happened  because of the group name and/or the cartoon against which i posted my heart felt message.   those do not really belong to the context of the message.   thought 21000 is  the same message outside of that context.