Limitations of the Common Synchronicity Condensers

The I Ching

The I Ching is probably the best all-around condenser available to most of us, but like any other structural abstraction, it suffers from certain limitations. To play along with the myth of history, there is good reason to believe that the I Ching has its origins in some lost civilization which existed prior to a cataclysm which had a universally numbing effect on mankind’s faculty for a-causal logic, and is, on that account remarkably free of gross error, but it is still confucian in general character and has both the virtues and faults of confucianism. To this must be added the peculiarities of the translator. Wilhelm is profound, of course, but not without his foibles. Absolute despotism is taken for granted in the political sphere, whether benevolent or malign … Naturally, no recognition is given to the wide variety of options available to modern man in politically adverse circumstances. Romance is given short shrift and the peculiarities of the ancient Chinese domestic arrangements must be tortured unmercifully to fit modern conditions. To indicate a situation of some danger, analogies involving loss of life or limb must be resorted to because no less desperate images are available. Aesthetic values also seem to carry little weight with the Ching, which is resolutely social in its orientation except when advocating a sort of grim withdrawal from human affairs.  It doesn’t matter how wise you are—if your vocabulary is limited there will always be some thoughts you can only express badly and others you can’t represent at all.

—from Art Kleps, The Boo Hoo Bible (San Cristobal, NM: Toad Books, 1971), p. 19


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Si says
Excellent points! smiley

Seth says
Seth 2016-06-17 09:57:15 [item 21037#52991]
hmmm … given that “Absolute despotism is taken for granted in the political sphere” in this old fashion sturcture now i expect that casting “Fuck the King !” would be all but impossible laughing
Philip Smith 2016-06-17 15:30:41 [item 21037#53001]
Kleps also pointed out that the only intelligible question to ask the Oracle—in fact, the only question that is ever asked—is “Where Am I?”
but that’s the only question i don’t need to ask laughing

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