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Might be interesting. 
Off the top of my head TR mocked positive thinking & the fire walk was to get a person to act instead of getting stuck at fear.
Great netflix – was almost like being at the seminar.
Nothing like the one I attended – the first one – 25+ years ago. The facebook promo is also worth watching.
thumbs upcoolroseloving it He’s changed a lot since then & so have I.  My values then have somewhat changed relative to each other. I may revisit & shorten the list & focus.


Seth says
yeah great, very inspirational, thumbs up good find.   i especially liked that he talks about the inside and the outside … an important distinction.   and then i liked the way he goes, “your are 100% responsible for the experience of your life”, it is just a bit different in tone that Nathan’s and works for me in that tone … but i don’t know if i could articulate it logically to nathan, because his doesn’t work for me.  and i liked the way he dealt with black lives matter too, quite different from yours of ragging on “the other guys for playing the race card” laugh

me, i don’t seem to naturally always stay in a positive “non suffering” state … rather i go in cycles … i breath in, and i breath out … i’m act from inside, and i’m react to outside … i see the weeds in my farm … sometimes i watcH them  grow … somtimes i pull them out.   i know myself, am fine with me, don’t need to change that part.  my poem, Thought of a Tree,  kind of expressed part of that to those who would have me change.    

Mark de LA says
Well, I have not watched it yet.  I suspect your interpretation of what he said is just his spinning – still within your own head. 

Seth says
wiggy frown, how could my interpretation of what he said, not be just my interpretation?  it is almost impossible for me to conceive what you may have wanted from me otherwise.  

incidentally you should watcH it …   it really is quite good.   but i think it was too long for my attention span here this morning, i only listened to about half of it.

Mark de LA says
SXSW may a good step in the right direction .  Less words more music.  Unfortunately there are a lot of empty words as well. 

Mark de LA says
You will never learn anything new if all you do is hear your own slant.  Openness is the key.  

The Need for Openness and Not-Knowing 12: 19 For those who operate from an unexamined assumption that their experience— and so what they “know”— is all there is, the possibility of enlightenment is hard to grasp. Although their idea of this “all” will likely include a reasonable awareness that there are things unknown, this is still a form of knowing. It is a “known” unknown, or a conceptual placeholder for what’s unknown. This isn’t true not-knowing, which is misunderstood in this case, and unfortunately so, since not-knowing is essential for any true investigation. It is the first ingredient for openness, questioning, learning, and direct insight. No real contemplation can occur without an experiential base of true not-knowing.

Ralston, Peter. Pursuing Consciousness: The Book of Enlightenment and Transformation (Kindle Locations 3925-3931). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

Mark de LA says
BTW there are 99 references to OPENNESS in the book pursuing consciousness. 

Seth says
you may or may not realize yet, that your aversion to language is like a weed to me growing in *our* garden.  would that i could pull it out, i would.  i quite love the great relationship of language to emotion and my spirit and deeds interacting with others.  Your attitude toward that is to me like a invasive weed which strangels that which i love.   were i you, i would glory in being with no representation in language silently …. and not when i was using it to be with others. 

Mark de LA says
I don’t have an aversion to language – just an aversion to empty language. I have studied etymology & several different languages. I like Chinese & Ming because it draws a picture which one can follow back to origins. English doesn’t do that. The dictionary is still a walled garden.  OTOH, like your post – lots of words – but the net is your trying to adjust my attitude – perhaps a chirp disguised in a small pile words. . thumbs down

Seth says
well yes of course i would adjust your attitde … with no apologies  … if i could, i would pull out what i perceive as a destructive behavior between us.  For example when you say,  “like your post – lots of words”,  about my words which were chosen very carefully by me to communicate something very particular and especially just for you.  it kind of does hurt that you refuse to listen to them as they were intended.

Mark de LA says
More arrogance – tastes like bullshit with your special sauce all over it.thumbs down

Seth says
pondering hmmm …. i don’t get that.   i don’t know if you actually know how i feel when you say shit like “lots of words” about my carefully chosen words to you.   probably because it is hard for me to understand, if you knew how it felt to me to hear you say that,  you would still say it.  

hey maybe you have had a similar qualia in your life.  have you ever carefully made a hand made gift for sombody, and then they barfed on it and broke it and said to you, “how stupid of you to give me such a worthless thing”?

Seth says
i mean if i were making love to a woman, and incessantly talking, and she said, “shut up” … i would like totally understand.   but mark, the only thing that can happen between us here in these sentences is just the meaning of these words that we are sharing …. how can we be here in this media and “shut up”.  that does not compute.

Mark de LA says
I don’t know what is worse – not listening to what I am saying & filibustering your own opinions or my telling you there are a lot of words on the page & yet nothing comes through because you are saying a bunch of abstract shit which leaves no trace of emotion in me.  My example is always music.  Little words but the emotion comes through. One has to be very talented with the music because it effects people differently & yet gets personal with each hearing – unless one is deaf or numb in that area. 

Seth says
well why don’t you just tell me that you don’t understand what i am saying.  … or even that you don’t want to understand what i am saying.    but truly mark, this is like when the duke said to Mozart that he was using too many notes … and Motzart just said that there were just the exact perfect number of notes that should be heard. 

Seth says
well anyway now i just translate your shit criticisms about “too many words, or too abstract” as meaning “Mark didn't understand what i said … or …. Mark didn’t want to hear me say that”.   so for me, no suffering remains, no further weeding necessary.   i just wanted to tell you about my translations. 

Mark de LA says
Mark de LA 2016-07-16 09:09:40 [item 21143#54344]
Your arrogant mind-reading gives you away with “you may not realize it yet ….” intro. thumbs down (similar to Nate in that regard)
Mark de LA 2016-07-16 10:00:26 [item 21143#54352]
I’ve done that already – especially the part about abstractia.  Doesn’t help. smug  Anyway you aught to have senses which tell you the meaning of your communication is the response you get.  Not that there is something wrong with the way I am responding!

Seth says

Seth says
incidentally this understanding of Ming is something that might be very interesting for us to talk about.  it goes to the heart of what GW did there.   and especially because it should have nothing to do with any ego transaction between us … its nature existing quite apart from that … and there for both of us to see.

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-07-16 09:49:45 [item 21143#54350]
incidentally Ming is great … it is different than English in that it is way way more internal to a person.  much more latitude is given to the listener in interpreting the meaning of the communication.  So it is a perfect media for the inner spiritual.  It is almost like a person putting a subjective association on each prime number.  i think that kind of media works for communicating to my subconscious consciousness.  But It is not so very good for communicating with others.
maybe .. there are a lot of books prior to shu KHWAN where the language was being developed & why which explain it – it is not an abstract thing. What do you posit vis-a-vis ming? 

Seth says
… nor do you care laughing

Notice that the song was sung in the first person plural … quite overtly so in relation to you “birdie”  wink

Seth says
 the song sings WE so loud and clear … strange surprise you like the song and not the birdie.

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-07-16 11:20:14 [item 21143#54359]
i think this can connect here …
 Feel the birdie rose
Mark de LA 2016-07-16 11:39:10 [item 21143#54362]
Nothing on this intro of the video motivates me to watch it. I did watch the part of his fb where TR talked about the black lives matter thingy but it expressed nothing in the way you talk about it. 
Seth 2016-07-16 12:07:07 [item 21143#54363]
well there is a lot connected to that video which even contradicts TR’s theme … but there are also emotions which connect with what he said.   i can hear both.  yet those connections are deep inside me, and apparently just me.  my hint about your “birdie” was almost too blatant.   it goes without me even saying that you will hear and connect with just what you will.  my share of it with you here is quite done.
Mark de LA 2016-07-16 12:09:49 [item 21143#54364]
Wow you even put my birdie in your back pocket again thumbs up & redefined it. Now I have no idea what you are talking about.
Mark de LA 2016-07-16 12:20:24 [item 21143#54366]
I like the song now & did before when it came out.  I lots including MJ’s “Earth Song” which build powerful emotions. Will add it to my collection s songs . Didn’t appreciate the crap you put around it though.
It’s all about the Ethos of using the word.  When you use it it is add strength to your pile of words or abstract theory of some kind. When MJ used it in Earth Song & We are the World he was talking about the humans on Earth. (not one race or one religion). He & TR had been all over the World in experience too! You ? Not so much.
Technical word pile perhaps – but you have no Ethos.smug

Seth says
come on now … MJ and i are both using WE to add the strength of WE to our message … no distinction, no difference in usage. 

Mark de LA says
In case you missed it the facebook promo for “internal/external world” is pictured here from the link in the about line of the item: (fb video has curious numbering) as you can see it is at the beginning that you must have missed because it was not your distinction.