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About: matt drudge is the man who could have stopped donald trump - business insider

Claims Drudge was in for Trump.  Claims unsourced, though. 
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Seth says
One thing i’ve noticed is that a lot of stories have surfaced in several channels which have as their assumption that Trump should have been stopped.   That assumption has never been present that i know of on any other candidate in my memory. 

Anyway now i am actually curious whether Mark will fall in with Trump.

Mark de LA says
Just politics – the narrative is what it is constructed by the ruling class & the M$M that wants job security.  When someone comes along that doesn’t fit like Trump, the libertarians, tea party, bernie, etc, the meme “stop XXXX” comes out. The intriguing part about Trump is so far as we know he has not been bought like Hillary (even foreign entities paid her off) . The corresponding meme is “Never Hillary” for the other side. Too bad Bernie caved in. 

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-07-19 08:52:52 [item 21150#54461]
Well i think everyone notices that Trump is in fact something new and different.   What is the same, however, is that fools believe his promises.
Well people don’t even believe Hillary or Bernie & still appear to vote for them – go figure! thumbs down