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Although this article is intentionally worded to counter the M$M megaphone & yellow journalism about the recent Trump comments; it does no favors for those on either side.  It is a fitting chronicle at the beginning of the last hundred days before the 2016 presidential election. 


Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-08-01 10:52:11 [item 21197#55248]
Yes it is a excellant example of the spin against spin of this campaign.  It sure seems to me that for once there is a distinct choice presented to the American people: (1)  Go with a strong egotistical leader who would sacrifice all others to his peculiar notion of profit for the American nation, or (2) a leader who will respect others as well.   I read down into the details of the spin in this article, and strangely enough got ot hear Khan’s speech in context for the first time (thanks for the post) … and now it it clearer to me in the context of my mind … that the choice in this election is precisely the one i have described above. 
Great Hack-it-back-up-again example thumbs up I appreciate & respect your abilities to add more spin & do it so often:yes

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Mark de LA says
Keep spinning & rotating – you are so good at it.  Maybe you can get your own personal shit-nado & take a selfie of it for fb. thumbs up

Si says
More MGR (Marks private golden rule) stuff apparently.

Mark de LA says
Tigger’s already always ignorance about the golden rule still running in circles of his own ‘nado.

Si says
Your right. I am ignorant of many of the details of your version of the GR. My version treats people much nicer than yours does.

Mark de LA says
Nah you use your verstion to beat others over head for not following it your way! thumbs down

Si says
Not others, only you, and only because that is the version of me you are selecting. heart

It’s your experience and you create it. You do get to choose the version of me you experience and I can't do anything about that. blush

Mark de LA says
Nah – samo-samo bullshit.  Why bother – you live in a different universe.  There is no shortage of opinions over here in this one.  No shortage of bullshit either. No shortage of your kind of judgment either. No shrtage of the specific kind of bullshit you proselytize & purvey.  I need no more of yours here. cool

Si says
Yes I know. You have all that there. I have very little, just you. So I’m kind of overly sensitive about it since it is the only channel for it I am creating right now.

Mark de LA says
Desiring to connect to others “like you” & insisting that they absorb the multiverse of you like you or absorb your criticism is self-isolating.  No wonder you go around thinking that everyone else is their own universe separate from yours.  It is all abstract anyway no matter how much you claim reality or talk yourself into your own beliefs. 
Common sense is much more fun. 

Mark de LA says
This is basically a catch-22 – separate universes & otherness on the one hand & everyone makes up their own multiverse versus the ability to communicate & come together & perhaps show their disagreement & otherness. Such is a waste of time.

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-08-01 12:36:16 [item 21197#55260]
as i read the article i kept asking myself what was the “lie” that Kahn was ostensibly telling … then i re-read it carefully and notice what was being referred to … it is contained in this spin here …

Despite all efforts by the media to distort Trump’s position about “banning” Muslims, he has made perfectly clear time and again that he does not want to ban all Muslims. He wants to simply perform thorough and complete background checks on all immigrants coming from countries presently in the grips of violent Islamic terrorism.

Yes, that means if you are a Muslim who wants to immigrate from Syria or Afghanistan, you are going to get a lot more scrutiny than if you are a Jew trying to immigrate from Canada. That is most unfortunate, but not nearly as unfortunate as innocents getting slaughtered by 10th Century savages killing in the name of Allah.

Anyway, this higher scrutiny should be no obstacle for the likes of Khizr Khan and his family, except for the additional hassle.

trump spinner telling a tale

which of course rings true even over here … Tump asking only for a ban until sufficient monitoring could be put in place ….. er, except that discounting Khan’s inability to immigrate as mere “additional hassle” is way too much spin to swallow.  Especially when this ban, were it to actually prevent terrorist entering the country, would almost certainly make his immigration impractical.  So in my unverse of interpretation there was no lie told by Khan at all … rather he honestly highlighted Trumps intolerance and lack of care of others.
Mark de LA 2016-08-01 16:38:28 [item 21197#55278]
I guess your proclamations, pontifications & so forth just carry zero excitement to me & I have about the same amount of excitement for them – so different, eh? why would they? always different? laughing
Whatever.tuit samo-samo

Si says
Meh … you are perfectly set up to listen to this