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I'm test driving a 2005 Pontiac Vibe.  Consumer report rates the gas mileage as 29 city/ 34 highway.  My priorities in replacing my rapidly deteriorating 1994 Ford Taurus station wagon were: (1) price, (2) gas mileage,  (3) space in the back for carrying packages to the post office, and (4) reliability.  This is the best car that i have found that matches those priorities. 

Even though we flash GM when we think Pontiac, this is really a Toyota matrix ... go check it out if you think i'm pulling your leg.  I could find no  cars made in the good old USA that came anywhere close to satisfying my criteria.  Apparently Detroit has gotten stuck in SUVs land ... thank God for free trade ... we can just get our cars from foreigners.


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Seth says
Filled the tank up with 10.76 galons, drove 305.9 miles then filled it up again.  Calculates out to be approximately 28 mpg ... give or take a mile.   I was hoping for more, but i was probably getting 10 with my old Taurus.  The tank is a couple gallons smaller ... subjectively it feels like i have to fill it up just about as often ... but i don't know for sure ... perhaps i am just a bit more aware of it now. 

Seth says
seth of group seth 2016-03-04 11:41:34 [item 7180#47982]
surprise wow i don’t believe i never thought about my [title my prius C] … but, outside of today, i can find no evidence here in my mind.  i must truly be loosing it.  maybe i still have this Pontiac Vibe … but then what is Jason driving.  … mary had a little lamb … a little lamb … her fleece was ...
i’m just curious, mark:  did you know i had a prius C ?  if so how? … unless it was via chat, i don’t see how you could have ever have known. 

Seth says
seth 2013-05-26 11:27:13 7180
MR 2013-05-26 08:59:39 7180
MR 2013-05-26 08:19:29 7180
Is this still alive?
I guess not: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Vibe & neither is Pontiac.

yes it is, quite.  strange that you would ask today, however ... because i just sold it to Jason.  I'm replacing it with a Prius C .
MR of group mark 2013-05-26 11:56:14 [item 7180#27560]
Oh, well I guess Pontiac backing is irrelevant. You actually bought one, eh? I hope the mileage is worth the extra harm to the environment to make the cars.

seth of group seth 2016-03-04 13:25:27 [item 7180#47985]
oh here it is … not sure why i missed it on the search result page for search prius
MR of group mark 2016-03-04 13:28:47 [item 7180#47986]
yep, prius envy …. the challenge to the environment is the materials to make one … how is it working out for you?
seth of group seth 2016-03-04 13:33:53 [item 7180#47987]
Great!  … i top off the tank every month or so whether i need it or not wink.   i miss little things like embedded wifi well integrated with the operating system, and a hands free back gate open, and some of the warning logic is kind of stupid … but hey its a great little car. 
MR of group mark 2016-03-04 13:35:13 [item 7180#47988]
ok ok … i admit to a bit of exaggeration grin.   but then too even though it is probbly the smallest car i have owned, the cargo space has always been quite adequate for www.speaktomecatalog.com freight and even served me well with my logistics for farmstand … so yes, untll something better comes along, i got the best car i could have gotten smug … and now it is almost paid for.

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