Obama Should Learn This



Mark de LA says
  The question becomes "Who is Obama?"  He didn't invent himself.
  I am neither my business card nor my resume. I am not the cumulative set of the experiences I have had. I am not my DNA nor the sequence of molecules making up my DNA.  I am not my body & not my brain or mind. I have all those things, but I am not them. I am not my stuff or possessions, nor am I my education & degrees. I am not my associates & friends either; although they have been part of my informal education - which I am not. 
  I can expect that another person, seeking to be truthful, will say the same kind of things.
  Since Obama is the only person who directly experiences who he is (if he does), we the electorate have to look at all these other things for clues. We must look at his character, experience, principles & his solutions to the issues of the times in order make the best choice for president. These other things will help us predict his behavior in the future.  It is his principles however, that help us predict what he will do in the case of a surprise or a sudden attack like 9-11.  If we choose strictly on the issues (logos) from his stated positions (assuming only one per issue) we could use an updated matrix like show in 9725. His character expresses itself mostly in Pathos component of rhetoric. His principles are obscure at best & can be derived by researching his education, experience & associations.