expanding the role of room headers

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Currently we copy data from the item marked "Special usage as header" into the group record.  This means that we loos editing control of that info and need to make a new item to change it.  Also it limits the choices that are now available in the RTE box for editing headers.  Consequently I propose to mark the item itself (some how) and then retrieve it in the appropriate room and show (pretty much verbatem) at the top of the page.

This has the advantage that we can also have headers in tag rooms.  We do need to decide how the header items are to be marked.

There is another facility that may need to be developed later and apart from the header facility.  How does a group make a list of links (blogroll) ?

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Mark de LA says
Sorry, I'm not getting what a list of links is for.

Seth says
see blogroll

Seth says
also wider context given by google search

Mark de LA says
Well, in the widest sense it is a thoton, dynamic or static. Goes to the "train of thought" discussion. I like the "bog roll" toilet paper analogy in the Wikipedia. Seems like headers on tagrooms are cute, but nobody owns the tag & , by inheritance, probably nobody owns the header. Whose header would you choose ?

Mark de LA says
I think the link to Wikipedia free links is here . You once solved it brilliantly for CyberMind - I don't know whether that's possible here nor understandable by the πολλοι .

Seth says
Actually it is solvable, as discussed under wiki references by the double brackets. Another mor ai-ish solution would be a behind the scenes process that parsed for phrases that had titles in the wiki and automatically replaced those with some form of wiki reference. That has been a long time desire of mine.

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