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The following is related to an AHA I experienced while the fastblog was switching ISPs & I shall deal with it now.  If you are hard bound to the notion that your existence is only between birth & death, as a primarily material experience without any extensions before or afterward, in some different kind of mode, then there is most likely nothing here for you - move along!

Otherwise, consider an Anthroposophical concept that you might have chosen & prepared yourself spiritually for the particular life you are leading now - well before birth.  Now in this particular thought experiment consider some of the profound nodes in your life that changed the course of your life forever.  For me it was having rheumatic fever in my pre-teens twice which stopped my physical development in a particular way & channeled my interests toward the more mental activities. I can see how profound just this one node changed the course of development of my being for this entire life.  There were many others but I don't want to complicate & confuse this item.  I consider my evolution as a cosmic being configured by these events & perhaps transformed forever given the context for my life is in these times & in this place in the overall evolution of the Earth itself.  My Being is given by this overall context & my interaction & choices in it.   No other circumstances, environment - karma - will ever repeat to yield exactly who I am, who I am being today at this moment!

Now, you may want to argue with these ideas or complicate it with your own questions.  Perhaps you may want to apply some of these ideas to your own life!
Please do!
Now - in the Living Stream - considering who you are & what you have become within this unique time & set of circumstances - ponder it all - then ponder all of it being squelched by an abortion!


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Mark de LA says
"Imagine a large and beautiful pond of calm water. Think about dropping a stone into this pond. Visualize the ripples that spread through the water. See how far they go. Now think of yourself and your actions as stones dropped in the water. Think about the stones you want to throw in the water. Visualize the ripples. Everything we do - or leave undone -makes difference in the world."

Learner Within

Mark de LA says
Euphemisms to get rid of the term abortion abound:
  • freedom of choice
  • pro choice
  • viable tissue mass
  • foetus
  • partial-birth
  • family planning
  • planned parenthood

... & probably a half dozen more.

words that might change the meme in a different direction

  • child not yet born
  • conceived children yet to be born

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