Should have a box for composing tag searches.....

I don't want to search for a tag by tagging another item with my search tag to find it.  And, sometimes, I don't remember the exact url for items with blanks in them such as "work flow".


  1. satisfied wish


Seth says
Yes, definitely, we need this!

Mark de LA says
might want to extend this to all (ugg!) rooms

Seth says
I must be dense, i dont grok "might want to extend this to all rooms".   I though you were just talking about putting a tag search box for tags.  Presumably you would enter a argument in the box,  say "funny" and if that would tranport you to the tag room "funny" withough having to create it.   Did i miss your point?

Mark de LA says
The syntax for rooms of any kind to type into the url of the browser was what I am referring to. I don't want to have to compose a url for Titles unless I have to.

Seth says
hmm ...

Well we could have a general search box.  It would yield a room where the argument was contained in the title, say what, or tag of an item.  Is that what you meant?   Uri would then look like ..


Of course you would not need to remember that URI, the search box would build it for you.  The room sql would perform the magic.

Mark de LA says
need to know is it a Title, tag, .... unless you are talking about the general search referenced elsewhere

Mark de LA says
The last few comments on this item wasthe search reference referred to above

Mark de LA says
I think this wish was superceeded by the live search box.

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