Wow did McCain really say that?

source: January 26 2008
“Even if the economy is the, quote, number one issue, the real issue will remain America’s security,” he said. “If it’s not the most important issue in the minds of many voters, America’s security will remain the number one issue with me.  And if they choose to say, ‘Look, I do not need this guy because he’s not as good on home loan mortgages,’ or whatever it is, I understand that. I will accept that verdict. I am running because of the transcendent challenge of the twenty-first century, which is radical Islamic extremism, as you know.”

We might get a whole series of these.  If they are debunked, as in he didn't say them, then i will remove them from the list.


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Seth says
M 2008-09-17 13:07:06 10499
seth 2008-09-17 13:01:13 10499
M 2008-09-17 12:58:32 10499
Looks like spin nested in spin rolled up in a ball with some spin sauce & shoved up the ass of a Kiwi.
No, apparently McCain actually said that in a stump speech.  Accept the Historical facts of the matter or disprove them.  We do need to be able to distinguish historical facts of utterance from spin.  [usual rwg barb deleted]
If you read the editorial comments before each quote (in or out of context?) you will detect the loud spin. I'm moving on - refuting bloggers (including myself) is a futile occupation.

Which is why i followed the bloggers spin to the washington post reporter's story and changed my hyperlink accordingly - perhaps you didn't notice.   But even if you don't like the reporter interlinear comments - just interpret McCain's actual words - or refute that he said them.  

<my-opinion>His words back then were probaly true - the words we are getting from him today are made up for the occasion.  I do think it is clear that McCain is not the one to lead us out of our economic woes - not the one to fix the fundamentals of our economy</my-opinion>

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