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About: software spots the spin in political speeches - tech - 17 september 2008 - new scientist tech

source: ... So what does all of this actually say about the honesty of politicians? "Our society treats political candidates like used-car salesmen," Ekman says. "The fact is that the candidates almost certainly believe what they are saying, even if they are giving some facts a much lighter treatment than others. In that way, actually catching someone in a blatant lie is relatively rare."
The reader comments on this New Scientist article are very relevant. IMHO, New Scientist tends to be biased as well. They are a UK publication.  There may be spin in the way they interpret the so-called science.  They tend to confuse congruency with spin. To me, spin is essentially lying as in not telling "the whole truth & nothing but the truth".  Wikipedia defines spin as propaganda & highly manipulative tactics (and a bunch of other stuff). The Wikipedia article is very interesting to this group.


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