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This book was written in 1919, just after the First World War, and suggests solutions to the social, political and economic problems of those times. At the end of the book, Steiner writes: "... either people will accommodate their thinking to the requirements of reality, or they will have learned nothing from the calamity and will cause innumerable new ones to occur in the future." History since then has proven these words to be prophetic. The "social question" has not been resolved, nor have steps been taken to initiate the healing process. We all too often look to the political state for the solutions to all social problems, be they of an economic, cultural or political nature. Steiner's concept of a tripartite, or threefold society in which the economic, cultural and political spheres would enjoy relative autonomy within the social organism has not yet been tried. This book contains his basic ideas for the restructuring of society.
... fascinating how this applies to today's World.
    Fascinating also is the idea of a "rights administration" separate from the economic domain that is responsible for transferring ownership rights to capital for the benefit of the whole social organism.  Once capital exceeds the amount needed for an enterprise to expand & the individual's fruits of labor then it moves on to other places in the economy. One could say that Bill Gates is somewhat doing that with his wealth today. But, the idea is to move that out of the individual's hands.  This scares me in the sense that it seems to work against individual property rights & could provide all kinds of opportunities for evils of today's communist countries & even our present government. Inheritance is also treated differently. The capital idea offered in this book is one that is more dynamic & ensures that the means needed to produce goods & services gets the nourishment needed.


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