Shit Stew - Part Two

About: Change: Remove the Democrats Responsible for Mortgage Mess

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So on January 5th, 2007, just about the time Pelosi and her cronies took control of the House, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 12,400, the New York based Conference Board said its consumer confidence index was 110.3, the Bureau of Labor Statistics had the unemployment rate at 4.6%, and according to the CNN, a gallon of gasoline in January 2007 was about $2.20.  Last Thursday, at about one o'clock Eastern, the Dow had a bottom of 10,500 before Paulson and Bernanke intervened.  That's about a 15% drop in the Dow since Pelosi and the Democrats took over Congress.  And we could go on.  The Conference Board's latest take, consumer confidence, 56.9%, a drop of 48%.  The unemployment rate in August at 6.1%, an increase, Bureau of Labor Statistics of 33%, gasoline prices at about $3.70 a gallon, 68% increase.  What changed?  What changed?  Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd took control of the House and Senate banking committees, Representative George Miller, Democrat, California, Senator Ted Kennedy took over their respective labor committees, John Dingell, Democrat, Michigan, Jeff Bingaman, Democrat, New Mexico, became chairman of the energy committees.  There has been not only no oversight from the Democrat-controlled Congress on any of these things, there has been an active effort to prevent oversight while at the same time blaming capitalism and the fact that there has been no regulation.  They want as many of you thinking that capitalism brought this about when in fact all roads lead to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the Democrats who enabled them and ran them.

... Get rid of those on the various comittees responsible for this mess before the taxpayers shell out any more money.

Burn 'em!


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