Mark: ... and that healed. incidently i miss the ... elipsis that worked yesterday

2005-09-18 08:38:36

Winnie: I sent you 44x44 pixel and 25x25 pixel ones ... would imagine the 25Pix ones are more sized to fit with existing buttons on this. Try all and see what you think 
2005-09-18 08:40:50


  1. smiley faces
  2. w1
  3. item~faq


Mark de LA says
requires a threshhold of 2 comments (in a row) to make the box.

Seth says
Mark: doesn't work for the RTE for comments see: [item 1056] where i copied a comment from [item 1058] which Winnie inadvertantly put in the wrong place (IMHO)

Seth says
seems like u can copy comments now :) ... now where are those smiley faces .. Winnie ?