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If someone can find one like this on McCain I would take it too.


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Mark de LA says
... If you dare  - I'll tell you my score if you tell me yours

Seth says
For what it's worth here is my results ..
You AGREED with the Barack Obama position on 29 of the 48 test questions. This means you agree with the Obama position 60% of the time.
... but it's not worth all that very much because most of the questions were loaded and Obama's position was misrepresneted in many of them.  For example this one ...
1. Should a doctor give medical care to a fetus that survives an abortion, or should medical care not be given?

    Doctor should give medical care
    Doctor should not give medical care
I said "Doctor should give medical care" and so does Obama - that is already an Illinois state law, as it should be.  Yet the test results report that Obama's position is that the Doctor should not give medical care. 

For such a test to be valid it has to be composed by a bipartisan group of honest minded individuals who are into seeking the truth of the matter and not just making a partisan argument.  But i's still interested in what your scor was.

Mark de LA says
Well, I disagreed 90% of the time, something like 3 items I agreed with. And, that was only because my position on abortion wasn't represented.  Yep, Obama has spun his position on surviving abortion very well - obviously you believe it.  Did you notice the positions were documented if you followed the trail of what the public generally states their positions to be?
Generally, the questions were fair, but it was published by a website touting the book The Audacity of Deceit by Brad O'Leary.