Return from various places is ill defined and unpredictable

Was: RTE from permalink returns to different page of group

Actually I think I was in the living stream, 2 pages in, changed to a permalink on the item 1065 went to the RTE box to edit a comment & when I finished I had to chase the item again to see if it was the way I wanted it.

Returns in general are screwed up.  Also navigation from screens like /add/ and /enter/ are ill defined at best.  I mean where should these earlier later go relative to the door screen or the add screen.   ??

Only solution i see is to give every person who visits a room (which really means everybody) a cookie that says what room they were last in.  Return from wherver would then retrun to that room.  On porblem is that this will totally muck with our criteria for "unregistered" ... or will it ... this could be another named cookie. 

Actually another simpler solution would be to identify the the originating room when going into these processess and continue to pass that as a hidden variable on any post submit that would happen and finally return to that place.  Should such a variable get lost, then return to the home room.  This is a far less costly solution, easier to implement, (although it requires changes in several programs) and,  me thinks, would provide the needed stability.

If we implement a return button on the button bar on these screens they would return as scoped in the last paragraph.

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Mark de LA says
seth: Well ... hmmm ... i was editing [item 1065] and then [this permalink 1084] suddenly showed up ... what are we saying here about return from input ?
2005-09-19 07:15:59

Mark: [item 1078]
2005-09-19 07:18:20

Mark de LA says
The earlier items arrow  & later items arrow are meaningless in the context of the /add/ and /enter/ screens - they should be removed or deactivated. The only place you should go to from an RTE is back to the item it was applied to (IMHO) with or without the results of the edit.

Seth says
but there should be only one button .. the proposal here is to remove both of the earlier\later navigation buttons and replace it with one button that means "return to the room you were in having done nothing here"

Mark de LA says
if you rotate one you probably should rotate the other

Seth says
might just rotate the earlier button 90 degrees clockwise

Seth says
hmm ... perhaps  should change to something that says "do nothing here and return to where you were

Mark de LA says
Might put a similar "nope changed my mind" return on the idem RTE screen.

Seth says
yeah its screwed up ..

Seth says
well up here would mean remem. in essence we mem when we go to edit comment or item or add item or anything outside of navigating the rooms. when we return after editing or declining to edit, then we just do a remem. to me that is up. the earlier\later movement in whatever room you are in is like lateral.

Mark de LA says
o, i thought you were generally rotating the buttons to coincide with the direction you want to go in the stream being the user is viewing. It would be less confusing , actually.

Mark de LA says
up means earlier & down means later with the stack LIFO

Mark de LA says
never thought of mem-remem. good point

Mark de LA says
And then we could implement memvance/remem and a host of other stuff. We probably want to save those ideas for a future after release. We may even want to consider a whole different development path for the more sophistocated who might understand CyberMind principles.

Seth says
yes definitely. we could even enhanse the idea in the topic to say that we preserve your train of though in your cookie and always give u the ability to remem. ... hmmm ... maybe developing that would be more profitable than the quick and dirty solution that i scoped in the bold of the item above.

Seth says
incidentally vance is just click on a hyperlink or reference ... we could make all of those memvance by pushing the point of departure in the clients cookie ... hmm i wonder how that would work trans domain ?

Seth says
a cookie, by definition, can only be accessed from the domain it was created.

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