A view of the Threefold Commonwealth (from outside?)

About: perishable money in a threefold commonwealth: rudolf steiner and the social economics of an anarchist utopia -- preparata 38 (4): 619 -- review of radical political economics

I know somewhere in RS there is the idea of perishable money (or money which has an expiration date). I've never heard it described so bizarre as the title of this article. I'm not sure I want to pay $20 just to read it.
Perishable Money in a Threefold Commonwealth: Rudolf Steiner and the Social Economics of an Anarchist Utopia
Rudolf Steiner railed against those who want to build Utopias simply because  (utopias) are mostly an intellectual creation rather than something which penetrates to reality & combines body, soul & spirit considerations into a whole.
From the Wikipedia:
source: ... Steiner suggested that the cultural, political and economic spheres of society needed to be sufficiently independent of one another to be able to mutually correct each other in an ongoing way. He suggested that human society had been moving slowly, over thousands of years, toward articulation of society into three independent yet mutually corrective realms, and that a Threefold Social Order was not some utopia that could be implemented in a day or even a century. It was a gradual process that he expected would continue to develop for thousands of years. Nevertheless, he gave many specific suggestions for social reforms that he thought would increase the threefold articulation of society. He believed in equality of human rights for political life, liberty in cultural life, and voluntary, uncoerced fraternal cooperation in economic life.[42]
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Mark de LA says
Karl Marx also has a word or two to say about perishable money.

Mark de LA says
Some directions that the author Guido Giacomo Preparata go in & which others use his work to justify conspiracy theories with are a bit unsavory for me. Thus I consider the author not an ideal resource for Rudolf Steiner's works.