https to fastblogit does not go where expected

About: speak to me catalog

Note that the about link is to and not
Something is wrong in the apache ssl configuration
All the domains here suffer from same problem


  1. spry problem


Seth says
Mark: hmmm... the wizzard must be mucking with the insert link function ... php variables are coming out when i press the say button in the IDE.
2005-09-20 05:49:31

Mark: i'll give the wizzard some space on it.
2005-09-20 05:50:13

seth: Yes i am mucking with the return logic ... should all sort out in an hour or less ... me hopes
2005-09-20 06:43:48

seth: The dialogue boxes you reported above are just saying that the certificate does not match which of course is true we don't have certificates for those domains. But the https uri should all go to where they are supposed to go regardless of whether we have certificates or not. This is not an urgent problme because we are not doing any SSL in those other domains, but we should get spry to help us fix it or tell us why it cannot be fixed. Prolly is just some little config shortcut that was taken when the certificate was installed in speaktomecatalog
2005-09-20 06:46:40

This has been fixed now (done)

Mark de LA says
I get this from my attempt to use from firefox directly in the browser

Mark de LA says
Here is the view security certificate view:

Mark de LA says
may be also the way you handle a security certificate error, eh?

Mark de LA says
when I try the link in Opera it gives me a chance to install/accept the certificate & when I accept it goes to speaktomecatalog.

Mark de LA says
The certificate is between you and spry. The handling is a bug or not.

Mark de LA says
when I handled the responses & accepted the certificate (it is after all an https url) it went to speaktomecatalog. How did you manage to get fastblogit?

Mark de LA says
On the other hand the went to speaktomecatalog no matter what I did. I suspect the security certificates (https) were never set up.

Mark de LA says
test of

Seth says
Interesting quiggy on your famous threaded comments.  If you click on the trash can inside the nested comment it deletes the original comment, but not the one in the nest.  (   or NOT ?)

Mark de LA says
Will have to make a test for the nested stuff independent of the ones we are using for real. Maybe the trashcans should be disallowed somehow in nested comments. It is prolly a 

Seth says
i don't think it is a ... it may just be that copying arbritrary HTML into the RTE box is not as good of an idea as one might think. 

I mean how in the hell am i to fix that if it is a  .   The hyperlink  looks identical to its original.  There is no handel for me to operate on one differently than on the other.   And i have no control of the copy itself.  That is all javascript and system system level software running on the client computer. 

Like i said, it may be a serious problem to encourage this copying procedure. 

Mark de LA says
Can you disallow a paste except thru a button & buffer that YOU provide ?