test of comment copies from another item

seth: Yes, don't think i ever seen a wiki with folksonomy, but there prolly is somewhere.

I was thinking last nitht about how this River System Thingy is like a Wiki (yes primarily because of the wiki references) but with the added dimension of time.  Things scroll like a blog in time.  That you still do not get lost is what we are trying very hard to protect.
2005-09-20 08:05:42

Mark: I see us becoming the Google of the folksonomy network - a web meta to the web that google serves. If that were the case then the lefthand tag list will need the search improvements we talked about.
2005-09-20 08:07:59


  1. satisfied wish


Mark de LA says
There is no clue that these came from 1095

Seth says
what u want the item reference next to the time at the bottom?

Mark de LA says
that might become a clutter, but it would be nice. I would probably think it should only be for this specific context, but I know it would be much easier to do it for all comments.

Seth says
I think thee is a semi serious problme with copying the trash cans into this other context. Try clickin on one. You will not like it.

Mark de LA says
Then disable them !!

Seth says
unfortunately there is no way to do that

Seth says
what we may want is a more controled button that is under our control. Basically it says "quote this" in a new RTE edit box. Then i can control what happens.

Seth says
this wish was satisfied by the
feature.  The remaining problem, that trash can and quotes are active when they have been copy pasted into other items will be addressed under update project

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