What is Needed

In the lecture given ~1920 RS first brings attention upon the exhaustion of the past institutions of the social organism in:
source: ... The impossibility of continuing to cultivate the old impulses should be clear from the fact that they have lost their power as an incentive to productive labor. The old econonomic motives of capital returns and wage earnings could maintain their power as incentives only as long as enough of the old treasured objects remained that could arouse people's inclination and love. These treasures have plainly become exhausted in the age that has just ended. Ever more numerous were the people who, as capitalists, no lon ger knew why they were amassing capital; ever more numerous, too, were wage earners who did not know why they were working.
... i.e. the life-blood of the economy & it's institutions was exhausted!
source: ... The exhaustion of the impulses that had kept together the nexus of the state was shown by the fact that in recent times many people have come almost as a matter of course to regard the state as an end in itself, and to forget that the state exists for the sake of human beings. To regard the state as an end in itself is possible only when one has so much lost the ability to assert one's inner, human individuality that one no longer expects from the state the kind of institutions this self-assertion would demand. Then one is indeed obliged to look for the essence of the state in all sorts of institutions that are quite contrary to its proper task. One will become determined to put more into the institutions of the state than is needed for the self-assertion of the human beings who compose it. However, every such more in the state evidences a less in the human beings who bear the burden of the state.
... i.e. with the exhaustion of the economic life-blood in terms of the human individuality more state is against the human individuality. (We probably need to have the human individuality & groupings of same create the state to serve out of the internal sense of individuality)
source: ... The present age needs to see clearly that it has exhausted its economic, political and cultural impulses. Such insight must kindle energetic will and social purpose. Until people recognize that our economic, political and cultural troubles are not due merely to external life circumstances, but also to the state of our souls, the necessary renewal has not yet been given its proper foundation.
Some of this sounds quite loudly like it still applies today!


Mark de LA says
Further digestion of the main article unconceals that money alone is not really enough any more to motivate! What is needed is a sense of self-worth for the whole human: body, soul & spirit! (Within your connection to the rest of humanity)
In another incarnation some time ago I wrote:
Common Logic is a SYNERGY OF INDIVIDUALS called forth to establish the economics & politics of a Golden-Rule-based-society: We are modeled after the God-given perfect example of dynamic equilibrium given to us as the human body. We dedicate our work to the proposition that the ends & the means - (both the goals & the process ) must be true, beautiful & good to be fulfilled in Common Logic.