How is white house data processing going to change?

About: Obama Staff Arrives to White House Stuck in Dark Ages of Technology

One place this hurts the public is the slow progress that is (or isn't) happening over at   The old Bush at least allowed you to see the transcripts of press conferences and even watch them live.   Also where are all the nifty reach out features that were starting to happen over at   I imagine that the "Dark Ages of Technology" is what is getting in the way of this progress.   I hope that they get their act together real fast.

While they are at it, perhaps they will renovate all of the federal governmental data processing.  In terms of its usefulness to the people, it sucks pretty badly.


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Mark de LA says
Secrecy, eh?
source: ...

Although President Obama swept into office pledging transparency and a new air of openness, the press hammered spokesman Robert Gibbs for nearly an hour over a slate of perceived secretive slights that have piled up quickly for the new administration. It wasn't pretty.

"Why did the administration believe it was important for the American people not to know the name of the two senior administration officials who briefed us this morning on Guantanamo?" one reporter asked in the packed and steaming hot briefing room just off the White House West Wing.

We'll see how secretive BHO becomes when the honeymoon is over which might be sooner rather than later.  I don't think IM is good idea in the white house. Any disgruntled employee can put out bullshit which would impede a president trying to focus his message in a coherent way to the people.

Seth says
M 2009-01-23 08:38:37 11331
Nice hyperpartisan headline you released on WH computer stuff.  FYI, there is another point of view which says
source: ... White House Already Well Wired, Bush Staffers Say
now I wonder why they are still bashing the old admin? prolly to get some more computer stuff out of the trillion$$$ slush fund.
Well thanks for publishing the other side, but I don't see this as a partisan issue ... as your foxnews article syas "Bureaucracy is nonpartisan" ... and this does appear to me to be a problem endemic to the bureaucracy.  I think that Obama has the right attitude to solve it when he says things like “For a long time now there’s been too much secrecy in this city, Transparency and rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”  

This is not an item to argue partisanship ... this is an article to examine information technology and proffer ideas that may help governmental dataprocessing join the 21th century.  The computer on your desktop usually changes every year or so ... i expect that replacing the computers is not the biggest part of the  problem.  I think the biggest problem may lie beneath indications  like this  ...
Instant messaging is out, both for security reasons and because the Bush team wasn't able to find a way to archive all IMs, as required under PRA.
... Yet anyone knows that all IM software has ways to automaticall create logs and export them.  That should have been an easy piece.  But why wasn't it?  

Mark de LA says
Kewl!  The technology is not partisan unless is made to be. That's one job I wouldn't want. Backing up all the emails is a full time job in itself. Dealing with the Secret Service, the FOIA, & the levels of security for each group in the WH is more than enough to give me a headache. Add to that the recovery & backup problems to be online very soon after/(if) a terrorist drives a passenger jet into the place & you have a nasty job to live with for a few years. That in itself would leave no room for the fun stuff like AI.

Mark de LA says
Some views of & Obama openness here by MKH.

Seth says
M 2009-01-23 12:06:02 11331
seth 2009-01-23 11:49:09 11331
M 2009-01-23 11:38:23 11331
Dude, it was your partisan headline that caught my attention.

Whatever, M,  this is not a partisan item.  Note the question in the title "How is white house data processing going to change?"  ... that is the question this item asks.  Accept that, or move on.
Things become partisan only when someone disagrees with you! Not a surprise! Obama & your attempts to declare the era of partisanship over notwithstanding, America has not been known for it's unanimity on just about anything - e pluribus unum! boys!

Mark, my interest in "How the white house data processing is going to change?" is not partisan!  A younger alter ego of mine would be applying for the job of changing it.  I mean should they invest in those new aged monitors where you move things around in the air, or perhaps more AI, or is this primarily a project of identifying bureaucratic regulations that need to be changed?  Should they open up and let a person choose a Mac or a PC on their desk?  How can they allow IM and still meet security and archiving requirements?   Do they make this a big project or do they make small evolutionary changes?  Do they hire a team or do they subcontract it to an outside contractor?

I've been involved in scoping and designing projects like this in the past (though not at that level).  I've also been involved in  cleaning up the messes when the projects were defined by people with their heads up their ass.  I'm just very curious about how they going to approach this one. 

Seth says
M 2009-01-26 14:12:06 11331
Some views of & Obama openness here by MKH.

Well yeah i miss the daily press briefing and the transcripts that used to be broadcast live in the old  I expect it will come back as soon as they figure out the computers over there

Seth says
White House e-mail system crashes

Mark de LA says
seth 2009-01-27 11:24:41 11331
They should hire somebody who can do the job!

Seth says
White House Announces Vivek Kundra As Chief Information Officer.

Seth says
Yusuf Acar who worked for Vivek Kundra in the DC office has been arrested in a federal bribery sting, according to law enforcement sources.

Mark de LA says
Less open money transactions on debt with CHINA:

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