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This is a fascinating resource for information on presidents past & present. Of particular interest is the set of presidential documents (85801 & counting) - for all presidents. What caught my eye were the executive orders section. Most of it was officious stuff.  Some stuff strengthening union controls (13495,13496, 13502). The executive order on lobbying is #13490 - which I understand he has already created waivers for. Of particular interest for future observation is the creation of the White House Office of Urban Affairs #13503 which in part states that
source: ... About 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas, and the economic health and social vitality of our urban communities are critically important to the prosperity and quality of life for Americans. Vibrant cities spawn innovation, economic growth, and cultural enrichment through the businesses, universities, and civic, cultural, religious, and nonprofit institutions they attract. Forward-looking policies that encourage wise investment and development in our urban areas will create employment and housing opportunities and make our country more competitive, prosperous, and strong. In the past, insufficient attention has been paid to the problems faced by urban areas and to coordinating the many Federal programs that affect our cities. A more comprehensive approach is needed, both to develop an effective strategy for urban America and to coordinate the actions of the many executive
departments and agencies whose actions impact urban life. 
...Aldolfo Carrion is slated to head this office. More here from his post as Bronx borough president.
I speculate, cynic that I am, that this is where a lot of the future budget & money goes since, theoretically, 80% of the people will be affected.
As an aside, you can also find the Party Platforms for each party going a way back.  While these should be the guiding principles for the parties in power they are usually ignored after the conventions & elections.


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Mark de LA says
... & then the day after we get:

Buildings sprang up as donations rained down on Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion

Well at least now he will have a much bigger domain to work with.

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