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Winnie says
I have been in IE for a while did not look at Firefox

Winnie says
I may have been in the edit ...

Winnie says
Thank You

Winnie says
I dont kno what went wrong

anonymous says

For the record, here is the HTML that broke this item in IE

<div style="PADDING-RIGHT: 3%; PADDING-LEFT: 3%; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 120%; PADDING-BOTTOM: 3%; COLOR: red; PADDING-TOP: 3%; BACKGROUND-COLOR: white"><img src="" alt="" /></div>

What were yuou trying to do?

Winnie says
I was in RTE and thought your comment that you said about "Hey you have'n made a post" or something to that effect....and I pasted it and put the smily face in there and see what happened i.....

the wizard says
Well something about the style="...." that IE does not like. Looks ok in FireFox.

Seth says
Well, bad news, IE is rendering the HTML fom our images quite differently.