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~Pirates eat shit, why not suicide bombers ? Under the enemy of mankind legal concept they both fit the bill IMHO.


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Mark de LA says
Here is the solution to the pirate problem:

follow the original parody if you still have a sense of humor. All from the Exurban League website.

Mark de LA says
source: ... 
 The U.S. military is considering attacks on pirate bases on land and aid for the Somali people to help stem ship hijackings off Africa’s east coast, defense officials said.

The military also is drawing up proposals to aid the fledgling Somalia government to train security forces and develop its own coast guard, said the officials, who requested anonymity. The plans will be presented to the Obama administration as it considers a coordinated U.S. government and international response to piracy, the officials said.

... It will be interesting to see if an international operation will actually bear fruit instead of changing what we call pirates to something like unapproved business operators
ibid: ...

Lack of Strategy

“Everyone is trying to water their own tree rather than looking at the whole forest,” said Alexander, co-author of the soon-to-be-published “Terror on the High Seas: From Piracy to Strategic Challenge.” “The international community doesn’t have a coherent, holistic strategy to deal with this.”


Seth says

I'd like to find out how snipers could have taken out three pirates simultaneously through those  portholes at night. 
source: sky news
The snipers fired when they had one of the pirates in their sights "and two pirates with their head and shoulders exposed", Vice Admiral Gortney said.
In any case, my compliments to the Navy.

Mark de LA says
I have seen some sniper rifles on the military channel that can hit a target a mile away with a non-standard 50 cal round. Such a round could penetrate the hull. The additional challenge is to be accurate enough in a rocking sea with any wind at all. The account by the admiral on foxnews yesterday was a bit unclear on the details.

Seth says
A bit more detail here ...
source: Single shots killed Somali pirates: top official
two pirates moved to one of the hatches of the lifeboat and stuck their heads out. The third pirate advanced toward the captain and pointed his AK-47 straight at Phillips's back, the rifle touching it or inches away, the official said.

U.S. military observers thought that Phillips was about to be shot. SEAL snipers, who were positioned on a deck at the stern of the Bainbridge, an area known as the fantail, had the three pirates in their sights. The on-scene commander gave the snipers authority to fire.

"As soon as the snipers had a clear shot at the guy who had the rifle, they shot him and the other two in the hatches," the senior military official said.

A member of the Special Operations team slid down the tow line into the water and climbed aboard the lifeboat. Phillips was then put in a small craft and taken to the Bainbridge.
... I guess the pirate who stuck his neck out didn't realize that the seals had a shot at the guy with the AK-47 ... either that or he was an idiot.

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