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Dangerous Anthroposophy captured my attention as I was googling for more anthroposophical threefold communities.  Joel Wendt is a fascinating creature schooled in Anthroposophy who seems to have made a break from the stodgy group that runs the society today.  As I read his scenes from the eye of the heart I wonder if we haven't traveled some similar journeys. 
This quote from the latter on his website leads into some of that:

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One characteristic that is shared by human beings is to over generalize. Whites do this. Blacks do that. Science knows this. Christians don't know that. Anthroposophists believe this. Waldorf critics think that.

Whenever a noun is made plural and a general class created (tree becomes trees becomes forest), the individual and the specific is lost sight of. What is true about a forest, may not be true of pine trees. What is true about an oak, may not be true of the woodland ecology. I, as an individual, who is also a member of the class - anthroposophist, may share many characteristics of others who would give themselves the same name. At the same time, I share characteristics with those who are not anthroposophists and many characteristics with Waldorf critics. 

...the rest is worth reading.


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Seth says
Yep, just about any proposition that we can say about a class will end up being false for some individuals of that class. 

Mark de LA says
seth 2009-04-20 09:09:17 11821
Yep, just about any proposition that we can say about a class will end up being false for some individuals of that class. 
Yep, knew you would agree with that. The more interesting quote IMHO was the zen, similar to Peter Ralston's "direct experience" that Joel Wendt wrote unter the paragraph active cognition as an organ of perception et. seq.
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The core teaching of anthroposophy is the art of conscious refinement and evolution of individual insight. Its basics are the central soul development of this epoch (the age of the consciousness soul).

It is not necessary to approach this abstractly, as an ideal to be striven for (the method of the central European folk), because in America this soul condition is a natural birthright. It is, in the main, already present, and really only needs to be looked at and given its true name. The American already does it, albeit instinctively.

What is called for is simply to point a finger and say: "See what you are doing naturally. Now do it on purpose."

Moreover, this instinctive consciousness soul act is so present, one can easily point again and again to its product within American culture (for example: Amory Lovins, Theodore Rozsak, the television writer David Kelly). It involves the degree of self awareness of congitive processes, and the moral character that informs them. Just as the presence of a magnetic field organizes a undifferentiated mass of iron filings, so also do soul qualities reveal themselves in the product produced by that soul.

The problem has arisen because anthroposophy is taught as if it were a given point of view (set of concepts) and not as an already existing semi-conscious activity (way of thinking), needing an awakening

Those who are heavily influenced by the former then look within their own soul at memory (Rudolf Steiner says) for answers to questions, rather than to their own insight (active cognition)..

This not only makes one a dogmatist and sectarian, but it also lames the individual insight by making it perceive itself as lower (less enlightened) than the teacher - the great initiate.

Conscious active cognition (insight) has to be used (exercised) in order to develop. It is first a skill, then a craft, and finally an art.

...etc. - don't want to quote the whole article.

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