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Somewhere near 5:25 into this YouTube excerpt of the movie The Devil's Advocate is one of my favorite quotes about the law. Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) asks his father (the Devil) John Milton (Al Pacino) "Why the Law?" i.e. why did the Devil choose to be a lawyer & have his son be a lawyer?

source: ... Why the law?
Cut the shit, Dad! Why lawyers?
Why the law?
Because the law, my boy,
puts us into everything.
It's the ultimate backstage pass.
It's the new priesthood, baby.
Did you know there are more students
in law school...
...than lawyers walking the Earth?
We're coming out...
...guns blazing!
The two of you...
...all of us,
acquittal after acquittal after acquittal...
...until the stench of it reaches
so high and far into Heaven...
          chokes the whole fucking lot of them!
In the Bible, you lose.
We're destined to lose, Dad.

Consider the source, Son!
...we'll write our own book.

 & so it goes.... There are other monologues in this segment which are equally powerful & this one aims it's wit or wisdom about the law. The plot of the story is about defense lawyers getting heinous criminals, murders & pedophiles acquitted.  It would be just as heinous convicting the innocent & stealing from the weak or allowing babies to be killed .  I see this same kind of thing today in this government & their choice of judges.


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Mark de LA says
Apparently you can just not show up & your case will be dismissed!

Taking a Pass on Justice?

Questions arise over why Justice Department dismissed voter intimidation charges against Black Panthers
FOX FORUM: Protecting the Black Panthers
PDF: Dismissal Notice | AG Complaint | Smith Letter
Strategy Room: Cops and Cases Live Stream

Mark de LA says
seth 2009-05-29 09:23:31 12024
Yeah that's one of my favorite quotes too.  We have too many lawyers, but that's not news. I'm pretty sure that lawyers are the reason that health costs have skyrocketed in the US in recent years, but sadly i can't prove it. 
     If it were just about "too many lawyers" I wouldn't have bothered to hunt this down.  Years ago I had somewhat of a revelation that lawyers prey upon the misery in our lives.  Whether they carry your cause complaining about another's behavior or defend you against someone another's complaint they make their living on misery.  If it were all above board & everyone was truly equal before the law it wouldn't be so bad. But the fact that lawyers write the laws & then demand exorbitant fees to untangle the mess for a client's benefits the equality depends only upon the best lawyer your money can buy.  This is another argument for the threefoldness concept of separating the economic sphere & the law from each other.
When you consider that Congress is made up mostly of lawyers & the president is a lawyer you have arrived at the monologue in the Devil's Advocate, and perhaps a reasonable explanation why the country seems so fucked up today.

Mark de LA says
I ran into this one this AM & didn't know where else to put it without writing an item by itself. I am glad that maybe a crooked legal system is possibly righting itself.  I don't like the notion that statistics surmounts or trumps evidence. Statistics are also distorted by the people who collect the data, ask the questions etc.  Case in point are political polls. .  Why can't specific malpractice by the prosecution be probed & pursued in this case? Is there a presumption that people on the jury can't discharge their duty if they are of an opposite/different race from a defendant? That presumption should be equally insulting to both blacks & whites.

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