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About: next frontier? polygamists demand multi-sex marriage

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As I stated previously homosexuals should be allowed to marry & suffer like the rest of us ! (tongue in cheek, of course.) That privilege should also be extended to polygamists as well since all arguments are the same which support gay marriage.
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According to a statement posted on the Pro-Polygamy website, when on Wednesday New Hampshire "became the sixth U.S. State to codify the legal construction of same sex marriage," it was hailed by homosexuals as a "civil rights victory."

"Declaring that the new law advances fairness and equality for all, they proclaimed that New Hampshire had supposedly 'ended discrimination' for everyone," the statement said.

"But the law did no such thing. Rather, it intentionally 'discriminates' against consenting adult polygamists " indeed, on purpose," the organization said.

maybe it will happen!! I would love to see a case brought to SCOTUS on behalf of polygamists.


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Mark de LA says
I wonder if the abbreviation SCOTUS will change if Ginsburg resigns & Sotomayor is NOT confirmed.  That would make SCROTUS more appropriate!

Mark de LA says
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seth 2009-06-07 10:47:43 12062
Well i'm all for it ... the more personal freedom the better.  But i rather think that the WND spin is intended to spook traditionalists.

What does SCROTUS stand for?
It's just play on the word SCROTUM.... there were hints.

Traditionalists can't be any more spooked than with gay marriage. WND is not neutral on the subject.

Mark de LA says
Don't forget that polyandry is also included.