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It is easy to multiply.  All one has to do is take a tiny statistic such as a tenth of a degree in temperature & multiply it's effect in time over a hundred years & you can cry disaster.  Similarly, the remedy surely will show up by a small change in behavior or dollars spent.  OTOH, there is the unintended consequences & the failure to add all of the environmental effects of a particular policy or method.  Take the mass transportation mentioned in the about article. The study may be here, or this their works in an earlier phase at Berkeley. 
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The paper points out that the "tailpipe" quotient does not include emissions that come from building transport infrastructure -- railways, airport terminals, roads and so on -- nor the emissions that come from maintaining this infrastructure over its operational lifetime.
... With electric autos there is the cost of importing the materials for making the batteries, the manufacture of same and many other parts & variables. The effects on the economy can be staggering. Consider the fuel-efficiency standards & their unintended consequences in bankrupting Detroit. Good intentions are not a substitute for adding up all the factors & variables for a particular course of action.  The cap & trade boondoggle at best is only going to provide a very small decrease in temperature in the far distant future. The unintended consequences to the economy are staggering. Will we as a country have enough money left at the end even to mitigate the near term consequences once the project begins? Will other countries such as India & China not just counteract what we ruin our economy to produce? In the haste to pull off the con, in a climate of fear & crisis has this administration really looked thoroughly at all the variables & added up all the consequences?  We know Congress doesn't do it. They don't even read the bills they sign off on & leave it mostly to lower level, unelected clerks.  The whole situation stinks!


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Mark de LA says
pie chart shows sources US 2007 So how soon do you think electrical energy is all going to be clean enough to put a massive number of electrical cars on the road.  The unintended consequences of the Prius (documented elsewhere) was that the mining for the batteries & the transportation from foreign sources of the parts made it brown not green not to mention that the payback on electrical energy vs gasoline didn't happen for 10 or more years. Talk about me not being practical! Perhaps this from the same article is a better chart which focuses on electrical energy from all the sources:

Mark de LA says
seth 2009-06-08 10:52:47 12064
Well certainly alternatives should be accessed over their entire life cycle.  But that is a very difficult assessment and prone to cherry picking - it needs to be done carefully and not be paid for by the industries involved.  One example might be electric vehicles: if you assume that the electricity is going to be generated by dirty coal, then the electric vehicle does not fair very well.  But that is not a reasonable assumption.  The electricity can and should be generated by solar, wind, geothermal, algae, or even nuclear.  Or by coal where the CO2 emissions from the coal factory are pumped into bio diesel algae vats.
It also needs to be removed from the politics of cherry-picking by environmentalists & politicians looking for money to change something & insure incumbency. It also needs to be removed from the Chicken Little domain to steady, well thought out, real science.

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