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Who is really being left in the dust?
As the people begin to hurt more than they already have perhaps a few will notice that the bullshit coming out of the WH is a fiction designed to placate without anything behind it. Where are all the stimulus results ?
Some want it canceled. Apparently the goals & objectives were only in the minds of the WH spin-doctors.


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Seth says
Well one would need a detailed analysis of all of the stimulus to correctly analyze its effect.  I don't think its reasonable for you just to look around your house.  But for the sake of argument, i've looked and can find some mixed effects. (1 no effect yet) The transportion projects have not started locally yet.  The ones in Renton are not even been put out to bid.   (2 no effect yet) I had though that i would use the energy credit to buy some new windows, but it turns out that they set the standard so hight that you have to pay too much for the windows and it may end up costing you more ... or perhaps just babely paying for the offset.  Stay tuned on the windows, ill let you know if i get the $1500. (3 effect) Me and my wife both got the $250 ... which we are spending, along with our own meney, to invest in our business and expand our warehouse.  That investment is employing two people for about a month, one of them my own son. 

But in a way i agree.  I think it would be a good idea for the administration to take another look at the unspent moneies and see if they could either be better allocated or cancelled altogether.   If spending money really does stimulate the economy, then it needs to be spent effective and timely.  But decreasing the debt is going to be increasingly important.  There is some good news on that front .... over $68b is going back to decrease the debt from the Tarp.  Maybe another $100B could found from the stimulus.

Mark de LA says
MR 2009-06-10 11:18:15 12067
Yep, spending other people's money always has some effect. But, the urgency with which the bill passes was to avoid the unemployment rate above 8%. Didn't work!

Apparently DC is booming!
source: ..."The federal government's level of activity in the economy is unprecedented," he said, adding that new stimulus projects and investments in green technology in particular look like a jackpot for the region. As Mr. Warner put it to the Washington Business Journal, "It helps to be where the money is." Or better yet, where everyone else's money gets sent.

Boom Town

Washington is awash in money.

Mark de LA says
Apparently the Smart Grid Investments Grant part of the stimulus is not about creating jobs. This appears as yet another a bait & switch side effect of Porkulus. The Weekly Standard gives a nice accounting of the preview vs reality. I like their tag line in the blog which goes like this:
John McCormack : ...

“No. Although job creation is not included in the technical criteria used to rate proposals, it plays an important role throughout the grant process, and grant recipients are required to submit the numbers of jobs created and retained in their quarterly reports to DOE and to”

The good news is that the Obama administration will save or create dozens of full-time jobs for goal-post movers.

... Read the original ABC news account Obama Administration Grant Program De-Emphasizing Job Creation or McCormack's blog account of the salient points the bait & switch results are the same.

Mark de LA says
OTOH, in the spirit of the holiday comes this laugh (or not)

Mark de LA says
Or this even funnier one

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