SILVER LININGS - Good Trends & Bad ones

~(silver lining)
     Kids may lose access to free Shriners Hospitals - perhaps medicine will eventually move in the direction of being free from economics - it's a spiritual domain kind of thingy. What we need is an influx of incarnations of people who know how to heal without expensive machinery & symptomatic pills. It is interesting that the Chinese have developed all kinds of herbal medicine & acupressure, acupuncture & the like.  I don't know how well a Chinese person would rate their health care, but they have 1.31 billion people. Perhaps para-medical arm can overcome the 2000 lb marshmallow of the AMA.
     There are other trends some of which in the immediate now look good but are terrible if they persist & visa-versa.
     I could rate Obama spending so much money that the money system breaks down. OTOH, that may be a good thingy if out of that chaos evolves some of the ideas mentioned in RS's Threefold Commonwealth (group threefold).


Mark de LA says
seth 2009-06-08 16:56:38 12069
Well i hope in the future that medical practice keeps on a firm scientific basis.
Yep, scientific grounds of everything that is available & sensible - not just the AMA monopoly.