Division of Labor is Good - supported by arguments

It creates more competition in the labor & capital markets for the components needed to manufacture an item. The Wikipedia entry of the main item hints at this.


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Seth says
Division of labor by another name is specialization.  I think it is pretty easy to convince yourself that as populations grow a natural process causes specialization where every niche gets filled.  We see this everywhere in biology.  Me thinks, that to fight a natural process, especially one this dominant, must always be a loosing proposition.   You might ask yourself, if it is decided that division of labor is bad for the individual, then what are you going to do about it?  ... artificially legislate that people do more of their own work?   

Mark de LA says
     In support of specialization we have the model of the human body with it's cells some changing from stem cells to heart muscle, nerves, fat, etc. The model works quite well.
     IMHO, there is a difference between the word specialization & the concept division of labor. The latter is more of a natural process which fits into industrial mechanization like an auto factory's assembly lines. It is a feature of the growth of larger populations & wide distribution of products & services. It need not be assembly line, though.  We are also talking about functional separation within a community.
     In support one can assume that a better quality of labor would be obtained by specialization since someone who concentrates his attention to a particular vocation should gain a lot of knowledge about it & even train others as apprentices.
     One challenge is retraining when the specialization is no longer needed.

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