Brown Bailout

This is interesting.  Thing is that FedEx is ships packages (weighing between 5 and 50 pounds) in the US much more reasonably than does UPS.  We used to use UPS but switched to FedEx about two years ago. Now we consider UPS's rates to be exorbitant.  Ok, that being said what is happening here?  Well when the FedEx drivers come to he house, they seem to be independent contractors.  They are not unionized like the ones from UPS.  That doesn't bother me.  I would just as soon pay lower rates than pay for union dues.  Let's hope that the politicians fix this so that our shipping rates don't go up.

Thanks Politico for calling this to my attention.  You can read most of the pertinent facts from FedEx's point of view here.  I'll let you know when i find the UPS viewpoint.  Please direct the usual jabs re Obama's union ties to dev/null.


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Seth says
MR 2009-06-24 14:34:35 12149
Have you ever compared prices with the USPS?
Certainly ... USPS is much cheaper on packages under about 3 pounds and especially cheaper for under 14 oz.  But for packages over about 4 pounds, FedEx is the cheapest.  There was about a year or so there when we were shipping those heavier packages through the post office and were loosing our shirt.  Actually the changes we made in shipping early last year are probably why we are doing so well now.  I'm glad the post office pushed me into it.

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