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~This is an interesting thing to ponder about our own government given the almost hypnotic hold BHO seems to have over the media and the sleeping οἱ πολλοί.

The obvious legislative differences between the United States and Honduras aside, reactions would be nearly identical. Members of the Armed Forces take a solemn oath to "support and defend the Constitution," not to a specific individual. The oath further specifies an obligation to defend the Constitution and the Republic against "all enemies, foreign and domestic." This was a revolutionary concept back in the 18th century, when most of the dominant European armies mandated an oath of loyalty to their respective monarch, though it's wholly in line with the clear Platonist distinction between an organized, functional republic and the chaos of pure democracy. An American military coup in a similar Honduran scenario, against the tyranny of the majority, wouldn't just be likely -- it would be the obligation of every serviceman who swore to uphold the rule of law........

When you theoretically transplant that very same scenario to the United States, it’s nothing less than shameful that the Obama administration has failed to recognize the very same standards to which its own troops are bound.


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Mark de LA says
As an interesting aside, I wonder what would happen if Obama were to be found out not to be a native born in the United States.  The controversy still seem to be around, but only on WND in any extent.  The latest is that he claims to be born here & yet will not release the hospital to providing the public with the results.
So in spite of public support & an election who reigns supreme Obama or the Constitution?

Mark de LA says
The Google newsfront on Honduras can be found here.

Mark de LA says
seth 2009-07-07 12:20:43 12207
There is food for though, indeed, in this article.  When does "the will of the people" become the "tyranny of the majority"?  When do the written rules in a constitution become so tangible that we swear allegiance to them rather than to our country and our countrymen?  I guess it comes right down to which side you are on.  Then we make up our logic and reasoning accordingly.  As to Honduras, i have no idea who the good guys are.  Just because Obama appears to have come down on the side of the leader who wanted a referendum to stay in power, doesn't automatically mean i will side with them.  How did you pick a side?  Do you really know what is going on in Honduras?
Obama picked a side. He sided with the ousted leader, presumably because he was elected. I just posted the blog from the Weekly Standard as it was interesting. They have their side (or not). Hillary seems to be talking to the ousted leader. The question of democracy electing a leader who then changes the constitution to be "elected" continuously smells. The latest big example is Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Like Iran, it is hard to pick a side when you are completely outside the country & have no personal contacts. I pick freedom & liberty when I can.