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Creating more hospitals, free clinics, doctors, nurses, para-medical & extra-medical practitioners will shift the context of medicine availability from scarcity to abundance.


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Seth says
I love free clinics.

Mark de LA says
If you come from scarcity or even sufficiency but not abundance you end up with what we have today & a future drowning in the weight of taxation.
While driving around yesterday - one ear listening to someone describing what the causes of the current recession were & the other ear listening to myself I found the idea that removing taxation for life from those that participate (corporations or individuals) & promising free healthcare for life would go a large way toward accelerating building new clinics & hospitals & maybe even other non-medical things.  If you look at a doctor or a nurse & why they work in that line they really want to do good & have the self-respect of same.  If they had guarantees that the rest of their needs were satisfied they probably would go a long way toward innovating the area that they work in.  One would have to work out the details so that those who form the new way get the benefits & the old ones remain without penalties. And those that participate get guarantees proportionate with their participation. The U.S. Government owns a lot of land & buildings. It can cede without monetary considerations these resources to the production of what is necessary to make hospitals & clinics more abundant.

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