Step One refined debate (CON)

First you need the abundance then comes the result.  This seems to require money which violates requirements 5 or 6


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Seth says
How do the doctors, hospitals, medical equipment, and facilities get paid for?

Seth says
I doubt that Mark-care is computable with the American concepts of  private ownership, rational self-interest, and laissez faire capitalism.  Do we not need to reconsider those basic American economic philosophies to take any steps towards the abundance of Mark-care?

Mark de LA says
One thought did occur yesterday which caused an emotional eek! That was what if the problem today is not a scarcity of medical facilities, but some other reason. Perhaps there are plenty of hospitals but the doctors & people who run them resist more being created as necessary in order to maintain their monopoly on the whole industry.  The challenge nowadays is unconceal the availability of healthcare not from the point of view of money but from the point of view of true need.  It should dynamically expand and contract according to what is truly needed - not according to capitalism.  A new kind of capitalism needs to be invented where the healthcar$$$ moves a different way than the commodity$$$ or food$$$. The question to be explored is how can that $$$ be differentiated?

Mark de LA says
Basically this is no worse than the thingy aka carbon credits. But it can't be absorbed into governmental control by taxation nor monetization outside the health care industry.

Mark de LA says
Perhaps we could invent a different kind of dollar that is not taxed anywhere which mostly lives in the healthcare industry. Maybe a real one that has a Cadeuceus on it!
The flow, collection & generation of same would then act according to the laws required to maintain a healthy society. For one thing I think it would have to exist tangibly rather than in bank accounts & funny money instruments.

louis vuitton online says
which one would be the end key the red one?

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