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About: cops jump on swine-flu power: shots heard 'round the world

~I am quite leary of heads of governments declaring emergencies & then contradicting normal law with emergency law from the president of the US in cyber-attacks to governments of Massachusetts declaring medical emergencies. Today's government calls everything an emergency even the slow changing climate. Today swine flu seems to be an emergency that can suspend private property, force innoculation & invasion of homes - at least in this article. The bill not yet signed into law is purported to be here.  While quarantining diseases like the plague & ebola sounds like a good idea to me, we are ambivalent about HIV which is also deadly.  I don't think the flu quite rises to that level. I think education, nutrition & healthy behavior is a much better approach.


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Mark de LA says
& now the origin of the whole mess:

Mark de LA says
Apparently there is cause to worry, at least if you live in France!
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According to documents provided to the daily by a judges' union, the plan would extend the period police can keep a suspect in detention without charge or a hearing before a judge to up to six months.

Suspects would also not be able to contact a lawyer until after spending 24 hours in custody.

Under the plan children could be tried in adult courts and more trials held behind closed doors.

...When we lose our soverignty to the UN then there is real cause to worry.

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