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As a test case I asked for a quote based upon a nuclear family with one dependent.  I saved the resultant quotes here. Check them for yourself, or put in your own parameters.
source: Here  is my summary
The cheepest is $375/month but that just pays 50% after you pay $10,000.  One of the most expensive is $918/month, but that only covers 70% of your cost. 
Bear in mind read the fine print.  Can you afford this coverage?  If you, or someone in your family got seriously ill, could you afford the co-pays and deductibles?


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Seth says
I have deleted the propoganda affixed by someone who did not study this item enough to comprehend what it was about.  Instead i affexed the keep on topic.  Note this item contains no spin.  It merely records the actual cost of health insurance today based upon a quote that you can get on the net.

The qoutes and coverage ranged from considerable.  Actually I had thought it would have been even more expensive.  But i was more surprised about the percentage of the co-pay and the outrageous deductible for the one that was actually almost affordable.  Of course what is affordable to you is dependent on your own financial situation.  When i was 59, self employed, with a family of 3, i certainly could not have afforded it.  I know because i got a quote back then and considered it.

This item asks the serious question: is health insurance affordable in America today, or not?

Mark de LA says
Apparently so, health care in America is affordable, because so many people have health care!  Are 60inch HDTV's affordable in America? Are mortgages affordable in America? ... for some, yes & for others their priorities are different or scaled to fit affordability. Behind the inquiry is an assumption that there is something wrong here. Assume something different & you get a different result. Can it be improved - hell yes!  Cancer is at about a 50% mortality rate after billion$$ spent.  Some who need it don't have an option except the emergency wards. Some who practice it have to pay for excessive insurance to keep operating and must practice defensive medicine in order to survive in a malpractice attorney's Lotto game environment.  Nothing in any health care bill is looking at how can we make the actual practice of medicine better. Our drugs are all advertised with a list of side effects worse than the original malady at times (including death). MRI's & diagnostic tests still take too long & cost too much even though they are almost an assembly line process.  Address questions in these latter domains instead of socializing medicine.

Seth says
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Yep, obviously "affordability" is a relative matter.   To answer the inquiry, which is the topic of this item, we must compare the cost of health care with the rest of the cost elements in a family budget.  That comparison must be done within income brackets. Obviously a billionaire will not have a problem with the affordability of health care.  I think those comparisons already exist ... its just a matter of googling for them.

Your other comments are just off topic here.  In most cases effective treatments already exist, they are just not delivered because of economic reasons.  The improvement of medical treatments themselves is another issue.
This is the kind of study that is necessary, but more Googeling is necessary. 
One might also Google around and find out the slant that the California Budget Project has as they funded the study you point out.
There are lots of studies, not just this one. 

The most productive search criteria i've found so far is ("health care" afford "family budget"). 

One fact seems to be emerging: health care should be no more than 8.5 % of the family budget.  That same figure appeared in two studies: this in one Ohio, and this one in Missouri. Given that percentage, then we should be able to work backwards and see what proportion of Americans can afford health care.  Of course that determination is complicated by which families end up with serious illnesses.  Obviously a larger proportion can afford it if they remain healthy and only pay premiums; but if they get sick and need to pay co-pays and deductables, they may go broke.  A good health insurance plan should insure that if you get sick, you can still afford the care.  That is what "insurance" means.   

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