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BHO gives yet another speech this morning. He is beginning to remind me more each day of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela with his rants against the institutions of this great country.
It is not so much about truth these days as it is about rhetoric & spin & who you can get to believe the BS.

For example BHO would have you believe that he can create a big new bureaucracy & fund it by removing the fraud & inefficiencies found in another big government bureaucracy (Medicare) to the tune of 500 billion dollars or more & not add to the deficit - it will all pay for itself, BS.  The Tea Party demonstrations over the weekend suggest that not all people are buying it.  The speeches are great & sometimes delivered with great inspiration - too band they fall into the credibility gap disconnect; sometimes contradicting older speeches.  We were once urged to pass a bailout bill & economic stimulus bill in a hurry in order to stave off 8% unemployment.  The unemployment figures have sailed past that target rather rudely however. The BHO administration would have you take solice now that the rate of losses has slowed a bit, BS!  This weekend some time apparently BHO picked a fight with China over rubber tire imports. Nice going! Some say that the Great Depression had some of it's triggers in tariffs & protectionism. China owns a large amount of our debt.  Perhaps protecting his demographics in Detroit & other places is more important than pissing off China, BS!  Where did all the bailout go?  How come there is still massive amounts of pork (earmarks) being passed out to get votes on his programs? Where are all those green jobs? Where is all that alternative energy? Instead of spending more money the treasury doesn't have (or printing more), why not focus on real stimulus to more jobs.  We are learning that that's all BS! A great editorial on The Blog by William Kristol ends with the following:
Source: ...

This is a moment of truth for the two political parties.

Will enough Congressional Democrats refuse to be herded like sheep and stampeded like cattle? Will they do what is right, and insist, for the sake of the political health of the country, on an open and measured and deliberative process?

And if there are not enough such Democrats -- if the Democratic party simply yields to Barack Obama and his assurance that, hey, he has every incentive to get it right, so everyone else should just get out of the way -- if the Democratic Congress jams this legislation down the people’s throat -- then the Republican party will have to say: We do not yield. We do not acquiesce. And we will take this issue to the country in 2010 and 2012, with the purpose of repealing this dangerous and damaging legislation.

...Amen to that!  And while you're at it, BHO get rid of some of that BS so that the country can believe in the Devilish details that show up later after you have painted some of your wonderful visions that you want for the country.  It's not about you, Obama, it is about the people who live in this country who have to shoulder the burden you are growing on our backs & those of our future children to pay for it all.  Your Ego is not worth that much; certainly not trillions$$.
     I think that you have confused your being elected in a rush away from an unpopular president to participating in an historic event with a mandate for your style of change.  It is not so. Much less than half are with you.  Those who are awake, those who did not vote & those that voted for the other guy won't be stampeeded by your machine.  The cost is too great in both freedom and treasure.


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Mark de LA says
An Ostrich stampede for reference:

Mark de LA says
Perhaps considering 1000+ page bills & the chicanery in Congress the following cartoon suggests a prescription:

Mark de LA says
Fred Barnes: ...

Give President Obama credit for persistence. And stubbornness. And lack of imagination. He declared again last week that his health care plan "will slow the growth of health care costs for our families and our businesses and our government." And this historic achievement will be accompanied by a dazzling array of new medical benefits that everyone will receive--guaranteed by law. Okay, you've heard this before. But that's the president's story, and he's sticking to it.

The question is, why? Does he think we're stupid? His argument has failed to persuade a sizeable majority of the American people precisely because they're not stupid. They understand the laws of addition and subtraction. When you offer more--much, much more in this case--of a good, it's going to cost more. Somebody has to pay for it. Yet Obama says we'll all be paying less, and that includes businesses and government.

If he could actually pull off this feat, he would indeed be the One we've been waiting for. But he can't. This is apparent whenever Obama explains where the "savings" will come from. They're from eliminating "hundreds of billions of dollars" in waste, fraud, and abuse (WFA) in the health care system. Surely, he knows better. Everyone in Washington recognizes these savings are imaginary. They're offered with a wink. They never happen. President Reagan promised to slash WFA in the 1980s. The result: zilch. Where Reagan failed, Obama is not likely to succeed.  ......

Obama is stuck. He is promoting his health care plan as a money-saver because that's what pollsters tell him the American people want to hear. But it's plain to nearly everyone that Obamacare would be just the opposite.
...I bring this up because I'm sure people think the various bills are going to reduce cost at least to some of us.  It is not in the bills I am aware of that the target goal is to reduce costs. We will all be paying more except those who won't pay anything at all.
Good analysis!

Mark de LA says
     I was tempted to put this comment on 12604 - The Baucus Bill on Health Care.  Barnes's analysis in the Weekly Standard There is no Free Health Care is fitting punctuation to the fact that there is a great disparity between what actually is in a bill out of Congress & what gets signed after reconciliation & how it is being sold to the American public from the bully pulpit & other M$M outlets.  What good is all the analysis in 12604 if the real facts about the bill are irrelevant?  What good is it to say that there will be not health care rationing (flailing against common sense) if studies & legal obfuscation in the technical language of say Subtitle F - Patient Centered Outcomes Research seems to open up that door. I am not debating what it does open up here but possibly in 12604. In particular I am really concerned about how any such Health Care bill Law gets implemented.  Indeed, there are sometimes presidential signing statements.  Yup, BHO could just say he is not going to implement the part that says illegal aliens won't be covered because it would be unfair to do so before an overhaul of immigration as well.
     To those like Seth who at their convenience will state that no such things are literally in the bill & that I am just an opposer of the right wing persuasion I say .... maybe.  It may also be that cost overruns of billions are never written into the usually well-meaning bills in the first place. And yet they occur with government very often. The first mentioned article of There is no Free Health Care gives an example of 3 states that have already mandated similar health care programs as are being proposed today.  The states are Massachusetts, Tennessee & Maine. All these programs exceed their original projected costs & are beginning to cause restricting benefits & enrollment. These are clues for those of you who are awake. Otherwise go back to sleep, drink your ration of OJ & join the stampede pictured in the first comment & find a nice sandy beach to rest your heads in.

Mark de LA says
seth 2009-09-19 14:30:26 12594
source: MR above
What good is all the analysis in [item 12604] if the real facts about the bill are irrelevant? 
Give me a break! Health reform is a work very much in progress.  Obviously none of the bills (proposals) in play now are the exact thing that will emerge from conference and be signed into law.  Tracking what the choices being considered is what 12604 and the item to be made in group politics is all about. 
You missed the point. If there were only one bill the problem would be the same.

Mark de LA says

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